Most of us know sleep is essential to good health. Most of us also struggle to get the amount and quality of sleep our bodies need to achieve good health. While there are myriads of tips and tricks to get sleep each night, here are 3 proven habits of people who get the sleep they need for optimum health.

Habit 1- Play hard.

How often do we spend morning till evening having nothing more physical exercise than walking to our car and back? After a long day at the office, find time to do something you love that will get your heart pumping and your endorphins flowing. Great things to try are biking, swimming, shooting hoops or playing volley ball with friends. Finding someone to play with is often key in getting yourself moving. Start with something as simple as taking a walk around the neighborhood!

Habit 2- Let tomorrow be tomorrow.

Live in your now. Whatever plans or stresses are in store for you tomorrow, let them come tomorrow and do not let them take over today as you are lying in bed trying to sleep. You can not time travel, so enjoy the present, enjoy the things you already have. Maybe that means noticing the feel of your new down feather bed cradling your body, or so soaking up the sanctuary of your bedroom. Maybe it means listening to relaxing music, just the sound of silence, or the breathing of your loved one next to you. Whatever you do, enjoy where you are at this moment, you only get to live it once. A simple, yet effective strategy I use daily is to keep a note pad by my bed and jot down things I need to do as they cross my mind. Having them on paper, where I know I will see them in the morning sets my mind free from the need to remember and takes only a matter of seconds to do.

Habit 3- Have something to look forward to.

While worrying about tomorrow is harmful to healthy sleep, having something to look forward to is essential. When there is something good coming in the morning it is much easier to find your way through the bedtime routine and drift into dreamland. Many hours of precious sleep are wasted doing petty, unnecessary things simply because tomorrow is not appealing, so it is put off for as long as possible. Plan a get together with a friend you have not seen in a while. Find a new, delicious recipe online to make for dinner tomorrow. Start a hobby or simply learn something new.

Develop these habits and find the rest you are dreaming of!