Some of the most common pre-bedtime habits are shown to disturb sleep. With millions of people suffering through sleepless nights, breaking these habits can change that. If you are having difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep, you may want to re-thing the parts of your nighttime routine.

# 1: Stop Overeating

Eating a heavy meal can disrupt your ability to fall sleep, or will wake you up shortly after you fall sleep. Some common issues that arise from over eating is waking up with indigestion or heartburn. But even if you are not with physical discomfort, heavy meals may be disabling your sleep.

Food requires energy to be digested, and spending energy can keep you from sleeping soundly. As a general rule, it will be wise to avoid too many ingredients in a meal and too much food late at night. Here are some foods to avoid close to bedtime:

· Bacon
· Chocolate
· Eggplant
· Ham
· Potatoes
· Sauerkraut
· Sugar
· Sausage, and
· Refined carbohydrates

These foods contain tyramine, which increases the release of norepinephrine, a brain stimulant.

Our digestive system slows at night. So, it is harder to digest late meals.

# 2: Stop Fighting

No one likes to be or feel angry, it's just not a great feeling and fighting of course does not feel very good either.

When we are angry, hurt or generally stirred-up, our muscle tense, we grind our teeth or clench our teeth which lead to jaw ache. We may experience ringing in the ears, flushing, chest pains, excess sweating, chills, severe headaches or migraines.

None of the above of course contributes to your peace of mind and therefore quality of sleep. So, do something about it! You can decide to resolve your conflict before you get to bed even if it's at the cost of sleeping fewer hours that night. At least you'll sleep better and wake up happier.

# 3: Stop Watching Television

OK, this is a tough one. For most of us, television is inseparable from our evening routine. But have you considered what you are watching and how it can affect your sleep?

While you are watching the screen, your brain activity is high. The images and stories you watch evoke an emotional response. With so much violence depicted on television, with most shows showcasing turmoil and pain, you are allowing this information into your life as part of your reality.

It is time you reevaluate your list of shows, and know that you are opening yourself up to unsolicited information and images. Take control of what you feed your brain. And if you think you are not affected, please reconsider.

With less or a better list of television shows, you will find it is easier to fall sleep, stay sleep, and your dreams will not be disrupted by the replay of horror you watched before you went to bed.

These three habits – too much food, too much fighting and too much television – can all ruin the quality of your sleep. And without proper sleep, your quality of life is in question. Sleep is an essential part of good health and happiness.

All habit changes take a couple of weeks to be accepted, so it may take some getting used-to. But what can be more important than meeting your body's basic need to rest and rejuvenate?