The fact is, we need sleep. It may seem hard to get a good night's worth when you're working hard and under a lot of pressure, but that's also when you need sleep the most. Follow this four-step action plan to make sure you get a solid night's worth no matter how much chaos is reigning in your life right now.

Do not Work In Bed

Keep your work out of bed, and keep it out of your bedroom if you can. Spending a lot of time awake in bed means that it will be harder to see your bed as a place to sleep well. Your body will get used to thinking of bed as a place to be wake and alert. This goes double for laptops and TVs.

Make sure those lit up screens are near your bed. Surely do not start checking email on your laptop just before you go to bed. As painful as changing this habit may be, the blue-hued light coming from a modern display screen is extremely effective at telling your body it's time to rise and shine – the last thing you want before bed time. (In fact, you can even buy blue-colored lights to treat “seasonal affective disorder” for people in locations that do not get enough sun.)

Get To Bed Early (Or, At Least, Not Too Late)

Getting to bed around the same time every day makes it easier for your body to adjust and get the most out of your time in bed. Staying up all night puts your body under a huge amount of stress. Consistently staying up all night does not just make you feel more anxious and stressed – it can make it harder to learn new things.

Before Bed, Take Some Time to Unwind

Take a half hour or an hour to unwind after you turn off the computer and before you get into bed. This is a good time to read or write, or have some herbal tea.

When In Doubt, Power Nap

If you can not get enough sleep at night, ten to twenty minute power naps in the afternoon will get you feeling refreshed and alert for the rest of the day. Just do not nap too late, so you still sleep well at night.

Remember you are in control of your own health apply these suggestions and reap the rewards of your own efforts.

Best Wishes,
Ryan Daniels