A person may not even realize that he or she has a common sleep disorder. Sleep disorders are sometimes sometimes not diagnosed and therefore go untreated for years. A person may always feel fatigued during the day by experiencing an overwhelming desire to sleep. Usually it's the bed partner rather than the patient who discovers the problem.

5 Top Sleep Disorders

1. Insomnia – Occurs when you have very hard time going off to sleep and a hard time staying sleep. This condition can make an individual feel fatigued during the day hours. It can make it hard to focus on daily tasks.

2. Obstructive sleep apnea – Is a serious disorder by which a person actually stops breathing repeatedly while sleeping. It is quite common and may happen hundreds of times during the night. Symptoms range from loud, interrupted snoring, breath-holding episodes, morning headaches, as well as daytime drowsiness.

3. Periodic limb movements – Are another type of sleep disorder that is quite common. Usually they are not even realized by the person. Muscle contractions may occur in the lower legs or kicking movements during sleep may even occur. Obviously signs of having this condition may include a feeling of not sleeping peacefully and disheveled bedcovers upon awakening.

4. Restless leg syndrome – Is an overwhelming feeling to keep moving your legs. It is usually caused by extremely uncomfortable feelings in the legs right at the moment before falling asleep. Symptoms may even occur while sitting during the waking hours.

5. Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy – Is defined by cataplexy which is sudden muscle weakness. This weakness is triggered by emotions. Sleep paralysis may occur which is an inability to move when you are trying to fall sleep or when trying to wake up. Hallucinations when trying to fall sleep or waking up may even occur. Not all of these symptoms happen to those who have this condition. the most common signs is being very sleepy and falling sleep at appropriate times.

Any of the above sleeping disks can be very difficult to live with. Fortunately, there is a way to obtain some relief. In popular opinion it is to obtain a good mattress. Some beds can be ill fitting, the mattress may be old which make it impossible to render a good night's sleep. If you do not have a good night's rest, it can be impossible to feel refreshed in the morning.

Purchase a good mattress and see what an improvement it can have on your life. Should you happen to have any of the above conditions, you just may experience some needed relief!

Google Pittsburgh mattress store or mention the area where you live to find a reputable mattress store in your area. Do some research and learn which mattress will suit your basic needs for whichever disorder you may be experiencing.