Medical research indicates that sleep is very important for a good health. Depriving the body of enough sleep may increase the incidences of obesity and other heart infections. Similarly, it causes the skin to appear sallow. Some people though resolve to unhealthy alternatives of getting sleep, such as alcohol, some beverages and drugs which have side effects in the long run. There are healthy ways of getting a peaceful and comfortable sleep without using any medication.

For instance, the bedroom should be cozy, if not the most comfortable place. The bed should be an attractive place, with mattresses that are in good condition. It is healthy to replace the mattress after every five years. Pillows may need regular replacement before they get flat. They should be clean and not stained with shades of colors. General bed hygiene is important, to keep away pests like bedbugs that will cause sleepless nights. The bedsheets should be clean and replaced regularly for a fresh breath. The room should be well ventilated to avoid dust and stuffy conditions.

Music is good for relaxing the body to sleep. There are several genres of music produced purposely for assisting people to fall sleep. Intuitive and gifted artists compose chilling sounds that give the body a timeline to follow, easing the state of wakefulness, so that the body relaxes to sleep. Beside relaxing music, white noises like those from washers and driers will boost sleep.

Reading some fiction at least one hour before sleeping is another soothing means. It should be done in a room different from the bedroom so that the body is accredited to recognizing the bedroom as a place mean for sleep. bedtime reading should be somehow dull, so that it does not preoccupy you so much until you try to avoid nodding. It should be done in a dimly lit room, with only enough light to focus the book.

Try relaxing your muscles for easy sleep. Relaxing before sleep may involve loosening the muscles and stretching. Progressive muscle relaxation involves inducing sleep using the body and mind at the same time. Start loosing muscles right from the toes, knees and ankles, all through to the head. posing with the chest up and then stretching will ease the tension in the legs and lower back.

Meditation will help a person to get sleep fast. It is interpreted as focusing on some relaxing, calming and peaceful thoughts or images. It is said to slow the frequency of brainwaves, which is the same process that occurs when one walks out of an activity into sleep.

Minimizing background noise is essential. Some noises such as the television stimulate the brain and delay relaxation. One may use earplugs to block sounds from the neighborhood. Similarly, some consistent sound may be used to drown inconsistent background noises.

Lastly, create a good sleeping condition by switching off the lights. Very little light can disable sleep cycles, there cover cover blinking and glowing lights. Rather than simple curtains, try blackout shades to block external lights better.