How Can I Fall Asleep Faster?

Every once in a while, we will unduly have some trouble sleeping at night. While it may not be a case of insomnia, unable to fall sleep as fast as you would have like can potentially ruin your waking time the next day, not to mention the lack of focus and attention that the companies are the lack of good night rest.

If you're having trouble falling asleep at night, then these tips might just help you get a better night rest tonight.

1. Cut the caffeine – Caffeine alters your physiological states and increases your alert level, which is why it's commonly the first drink consumed by the sleep deprived all over the world. By limiting or stopping your consumption of any caffeine conditioned such as Tea, Coffee and even Chocolate at least 6 hours before bed time, you're removing one factor that shares to sleepless nights.

2. Have a bedtime routine – As a creature of habits, we love routines! Routine gets us into the “zone” faster, whether it's at work or at home. If you do not already have, try establishing a routine before bedtime, as it helps send a signal to your body that it is time to shut down. Personally I found that listening to soft music before bedtime is a good way to relax the body and mind and help induce sleepiness.

3. Try a hot bath – One of the most relaxing state we sometimes find ourselves in is immediately after a hot bath. Your body temperature drops after a hot bath and that is ideal for sleeping as your body temperature plays a key role in determining your sleepiness.

4. Set a Do Not Disturb time – The downside to this extremely exciting social media age is that we're constantly busy checking our mobile devices for updates, gossip and news. Having your mobile devices to constantly send you updates will keep you awake and occupied, even if its time for bed. Most devices now comes with an option to schedule a Do Not Disturb mode, set it to an hour before bedtime and through the night to give your mind and body a good night rest.

5. Setting the bedroom right – Your bedroom plays an important role in promoting sleepiness at night, dimming your light, turning down the volume on your tv, setting your room temperature right and having curtains that block out the street light will give you a better chance of falling asleep faster at night.

6. Drink the right drinks – As opposed to caffeine, having the right drinks before bedtime can help calm your nerves and relaxes your body. Warm milk, non caffeineated herbal tea, decaffeinated green tea are all good options to that cappuccino.

7. Avoid exercise right before bedtime – Exercising before bedtime will surely keep you awake until the wee hours in the morning, as it releases adrenaline which will keep you awake. Schedule your daily exercises in the morning or early evening.

8. Relaxing your Body and Mind! – Above all, the most effective method when it comes to falling sleep fast is the ability to relax your body and mind when on the bed. Mind filled with thoughts at night is guarantee to give you a sleepless night. Try listing down all your to-dos before bedtime to address all your next day worry so you do not have to do that while trying to sleep, learn simple breathing techniques to relax your body, and visualize a calm scenery in order to soothe your mind .

All it takes for you to fall sleep faster is just a little bit of preparation and avoidance as listed above, so why not try it tonight?