Historically, humans have bought to elevate or support their heads for sleeping. And it was all for a purpose. In ancient times, different things were used to support and alleviate the head which took a name “Pillow” in the modern age. You must seriously think of putting some money in buying a pillow if you are in the list of people sleeping without a pillow. What harm can it cause? Let's discuss:

Muscle Cramps: If you are not using a pillow, you may suffer from neck and spinal problems as the pillow helps to support the head, the neck, and the shoulders. The core purpose is to keep these aligned or you may suffer from muscle cramps, body aches. Suffering from cervical is at the highest risk. The Absence of a pillow means the absence of required support. Absolutely, the right pillow will serve this purpose.

Loss of Productivity: The pillow-less sleep may in discomfort and can affect the quality of sleep. A low-quality sleep is vital to avoid fatigue which may lead to loss of productivity at work. After a day long work, sleep is the panacea for the body to recuperate.

Neck Pain: Sleeping on the stomach is considered to be the worst sleeping post and if it is mixed with a pillow-less sleep it may multiply the harm many times. It quickly affects the nerves of the neck. You may often wake up with aching or stiff neck. You must immediately look for the best pillow for neck pain.

The simple summary is that it is worth investing in a pillow. Luckily, a pillow is not a high-priced material and can be afforded easily. Buying pillow is a wise decision but do buy it wisely. Here's a quick guide.

Thinner Pillows should be preferred if you are habitual of sleeping on your back; the aim here is to prevent your head from being thrown too far forward by a thick one or choose a pillow which easily conforms to your shape.

Rigid Pillows should be used if you prefer sleeping on your side. The pillow, in this case, should be used to fill the gap between your ear and shoulder.

Flat Pillow is recommended if you sleep on your stomach. In this case, head does not need to be supported. Actually, it is the stomach which should be lifted a little higher to inline the body. Better calling it a Flat Padding rather than Flat Pillow. Just place it underneath your stomach to prevent back pain.

So, Are You Still Planning to Sleep Without a Pillow? Seriously! Do not Do.

Now as you known enough consequences of not using a pillow, you would certainly have realized how much harm you were rewarding your body with every night. Without any delay, for painless and comforting nights you should supplement your body with a suitable pillow , because abiding with a bad posture accompanied with no pillow support, can definitely cause problems at a distinct age.

Sweet Dreams But With A Pillow.