Lack or insufficiency sleep can be attributed to various reasons and causes and such lack of sleep can lead on to several diseases and persisting ailments. These often become tough to sort out. Insomnia, sleep apnea and failing health are some of the major results of sleep deficiency and disorders. In order to combat sleep inadequacy, you need to take several measures and steps. These steps amount to terminating your bad habits, improving your lifestyle and setting definite hours for sleeping. However, before talking about the measures to fix lack of sleep, let us first discuss the reasons for sleep disorders.

Consumption of alcohol, smoking cigarettes and indulging in several other practices that lead to blocking up of air passage can often result in distorted breathing while sleeping. This distorted breathing wakes you up in the middle of night, forcing you to breathe more and letting the regular amount of air entering your lungs. This condition is known as obstructive sleep apnea that robs you of your standard hours of sleep and makes you more tired throughout the day. The most common method to combat apnea is to go for Provent Therapy or getting rid of your tonsils. In order to prevent the development of apnea, you can change your behavior and consume less alcohol.

Insomnia is another opportunity of lack of sleep that has many root causes. Insomnia may occur due to multiple jobs depriving you of the basic hours of sleep, staying up late talking over phone, mental trauma from past accidents and even relationship complications. Insomnia is more of an addiction as it often becomes tougher to shake it off. You have to be stricter about your lifestyle, force yourself to sleep plenty and maintain a steady routine daily. When it comes to fighting insomnia, your power is more significant and powerful than any medicines.

Consumption of alcohol also provides poor sleep as it deters you from reaching the deer stages of sleep, so does other practices like drug abuse, depression, excitation and anxiety. Among teenagers, the average amount of sleep required is 8 hours while adults need a minimum of six hours of sleep. However, the pressure of education for the former and the imminent distress of job failure in the latter often affects the required sleep hours, making them groggy and dizzy during daytime.

Massive lack of sleep leads to several undesired effects to your body. First, it effects the fat cells making your appetite even larger and compelling you to eat more in order to satisfies the deficit that originated due to lack of sleep. Secondly, sleep deprivation increases the genetic risks of gain gain and obesity making you over-weight. Thirdly, if the body does not get the required amount of sleep, you may be a victim of heart-related complication, which may lead to eventual death.

Experts suggest taking certain hormone-based medicines like melatonin and valerian to reduce the time needed to fall sleep. Others suggest taking in herbal tea made out of chamomile, kava, ginseng and passion flower, which contains sedative elements, in order to anestause sleep.