People plagued by back pain often have trouble sleeping at night – this goes without saying. If you have suffered a similar problem where you are kept awake hours on end because the pain is too great, you definitely need to find relief. The longer your sleep schedule is interrupted, the greater the chance your back pain will compound other health problems. Chiropractic care, massages, and even medication can help alleviate this disorder, but you might also want to consider getting a new mattress to suit your body.

How does a new mattress help in soothing your backaches? Well, take into consideration how long you have had your current mattress. Typically, such bedding is good for about ten to twenty years, depending on use and components. There are other factors, too, such as whether or not you sleep alone or if the mattress has sustained damage. If age is a factor, it's definitely time to get a newer model, one that is well-suited to your frame and can support you as you sleep.

The purchase of a mattress made of natural materials, like organic cotton, latex, and wool batting, may not only improve how you sleep, but how your body reacts to its surroundings. Nine time out of ten when you purchase furnishings for your home, that which is not organic may come treated with chemicals and preservatives. If you are unaware of certain allergies created by these chemicals, you could acquire an illness related to your back problems. A change in your environment is a good way to determine is something is making you not feel well.

Buying new bedding for your home lets you experiment with mattress firmness as well. As you shop, you can test different styles, everything from waterbeds to adjustable air to memory foam, to determine how well you are supported. A specific kind of bed may encourage you to sleep in a different position than you normally would, and this in turn could improve your overall sleeping habits.

When you sleep better, you will notice you feel healthy all around, not just a relief of back pain. Good sleep can determine how well you function at work, how quickly you lose weight, and how well you maintain mental focus.

As you shop for your next mattress, take a look at all the possibilities. A new model can reduce lower back pain and promote a better night's rest, and better days.