We all know that the last thing we all want to do is wake up early after a long night of partying. Through our life, numerous people have advised us all to get up early in the morning but nothing changes our mind. Everyone likes to sleep in late and catch up on those hours.

So why is it that we are constantly asked to wake up early? Well, one reason is that obviously our school, college, office starts early in the morning and if we sleep early it will be easier for us to wake up automatically and be fresh. Nobody likes to see a person roaming around like a zombie, yet we all happen to do exactly the same.

One of the main reasons for getting up early is that our health improvements. The biological clock in our body known as the circadian rhythm is programmed to start functioning in the morning. However, we force our body to stay up late at night messing up the biological clock. Our body lags as the cells and tissues need to grow and repair themselves overnight. Also, when we wake up in the last minute we are more stressed about getting to the college or office on time. By waking up early, we save ourselves from the daily hassle of running late.

One can also have breakfast, and that is a huge bonus as that is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is supposedly to be had early in the morning, not at noon and that is why it is better to have ample time in the morning to have a good heavy breakfast.

People who get up early end up having more time to get work done. They can finish more tasks than those who wake up late. This is because when you wake up early you are fresher than when you wake up late in the afternoon. Also, we end up putting off more work for tomorrow as we get tired by nightfall. This means that one has additional time in the morning to catch up on work missed. Thus, people who wake up early tend to get more successful in life as they end up being more productive and active.

Having a set routine develops a discipline in a person. Discipline is very necessary in life. One becomes timely and punctual. This makes others respect you and more more on you. One set an example for others to follow as this is not something everyone does and if you are doing something good others get affected and they try to follow your footsteps. This will also make you feel good about yourself and your confidence in yourself and your life will increase.

Most people are worried about their physique and they do not get time to stay fit. When you get back from work, you are tired and the only thing you want to do is sit on your favorite couch and watch some TV shows. This in turn ends up turning you more physically unfit. Now when one wakes up early, this gives a person the perfect free time to exercise and remain in form.

The benefits of waking up early are that one can say that when you wake up early, your life increases. This is because when one generally has more time to complete their tasks and manage their work and relationships, they have additional time for leisure and enjoyment. They feel like they have lived more than the person who ends up sleeping 14 hours a day and is tired 24/7.