Sleep disorders are very common in children, especially in toddlers. Research suggests that there are various underlying health issues that can cause sleep disorders in children; however, the most predominant cause remains the lack of physical fitness. In this article, we will examine how the lack of physical activity can lead to sleep disorders in children.

What can lack of physical activity do to young bodies?

Our bodies are not engineered to follow a deskbuild life pattern; we need to maintain an active lifestyle to make sure that our bodies stay active for the various life tasks. When our bodies do not get the required workout, they become sooner to various illnesses. Children, especially suffer the most as their growing bodies need the energy that can only be garnered through active play. So here's what happens when children do not get the required exercise:

• Their bodies become dull
• They feel less enthusiastic and confident to perform daily tasks
• Their self-esteem decrees to dangerous levels
• They feel less exhausted and therefore can not go to sleep

What does the research say?

According to various research studies, sleep disorders can cause due to various causes. However, lack of physical activity is one of the major causes. Research shows that children who spend more than 4-5 hours on the couch are more likely to develop sleep disorders in contrast to children who spend only a small proportion of their time in front of the TV.

Children between the age group of 3-8 have at least 42 hours of physical activity throughout the week. It is crucial to remember that the physical activities should be a blend of various types of routines. For example, your children should engage with structured, unstructured and active exercises throughout the week. Doing all the running in one day will not energize your child's body for the rest of the week.

The balance between activities is the most critical thing when it comes to keeping kids healthy. Many child specials recommend that you engage in physical activities with your kids so that the children will feel motivated enough to participate.

What can we do about it?

The only way to tackle the sleep disorders that occurs due to lack of physical activity is to introduce structured and unstructured activities in your child's life. Outdoor playground equipment and other playground equipment can be of huge help in their regard. Today's children are more used to Leon Kennedy (or any other video game character for that matter) than a swing set or a park slide. You can not bring your kids to like the revolting community parks; however, you can engage them in active play at home and at school. School playground equipment also plays a great role when it comes to keeping kids active at school.

Moreover, you can make sure that you give your child ample time to play at home. Try to find a balance between school work and active play to make sure your child is getting the necessary exercise every day.