The quick answer to the question “can you use hypnosis to fall sleep?” is a resounding yes! Hypnosis helps you to get into a relaxed state and that makes it easier for you to fall sleep. A lot of hypnosis involves you closing your eyes anyway, so it's a natural extension to think that it should be able to help you fall sleep, whether that's at the end of the day or whether you've woken up in the middle of the night and want to get back to sleep.

So, how specifically can you use hypnosis to fall sleep?

After all, there would be no point in making a journey to a hypnotist to get them to put you to sleep because – even assuming they were prepared to work that late at night – you've got to wake up in order to go home.

Which brings us to the main methods you can use to hypnotize yourself to sleep.

The first of these is self-hypnosis.

Whilst we do this all the time, it's often unintentional. For instance, you do not set out to day dream. It just happens.

Which means that, actually, self hypnosis takes a bit of self discipline.

Some people manage to do this fine. Others find that the idea of ​​concentrating on hypnotizing themself makes them more awake.

If you're fortunately enough to be able to do this, start by getting yourself comfortable in bed. Then take some long, deep breaths. If you find it helpful, put on some quiet music in the background. Allow your eyes to close and count back in your head from 300 down to one. Do not worry if you lose count. Just start again from approximately where you got to and continue your countdown.

That method works for a lot of people – it's a bit like the long-tested method of counting sheep and, combined with the deep breathing, it works well.

The other option that a lot of people choose is to let someone else do the work of hypnotizing you.

There are a number of pre-registered hypnosis downloads available and they're cheap to purchase. On top of the low purchase price, they can be re-used over and over again. MP3s do not wear out!

You just don a set of headphones or treat yourself to a pillow that plays MP3 files – Amazon sells these so you can have one in a few days – and then play the hypnosis download to send yourself to sleep. It really is that easy!