Although sleep disorders are common, the exact cause of delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS) is not known. However, most of the symptoms of sleeping disorders occur at adolescence. It has been established that up to 16% of adolescents have sleeping disorders. This makes it to be among the common disorders.

Delayed sleep phase syndrome is when a persons sleep schedule something flipped. People with DSPs tend to fall sleep right around when the sun is rising and have a hard time waking up in the morning. A lot of the time, this sleeping problem is thought of as insomnia or just bad sleeping habits.

Researchers assume that delayed sleep phase syndrome could have been a reaction to a shift in the internal biological clock that occurs to adolescents after you reach puberty. However, the reaction that leads to such severe sleep syndrome is considered to be exaggerated.

It is important for those who deal with teenagers who have DSPS is to understand that this behavior is not deliberate. This is only because of the reaction which often occurs at adolescence. Kids who have a hard time sleeping at night and waking up in the morning are often misdiagnosed. These, however, can be sings of sleep phase syndrome.

DSPS is usually caused by psychological problems that can cause physical symptoms which interfere with sleeping patterns. The problems make the nervous system unable to control the sleeping mechanism of the body. The waking mechanism is also affected.

Feeding habits can cause DSPS if an individual is consuming food that is causing an allergic reaction. An allergy can also be caused from poisoning that is bought about by toxins like organic compounds or heavy metals. Other environmental factors may also make the surroundings unfavorable for some individuals in terms of sleeping. This includes smell, smoke or noise.

There are other people who can not sleep before taking certain strains such as sleep medication. The habit may go on for a long time and the body turns the substance to a stimulant that induces sleep. If the individual stops taking the substance it will become impossible to sleep. This is why a person should be caring when taking certain medication. They may become dependent on it.

Alcohol could also be a cause of delayed sleep phase syndrome although many people assume that this is a substance that induces sleep. This is due to those who consume liquor in excess fall sleep fast. Some even pass out. However, excess consumption of alcohol on a regular basis will lead to development of sleeping disorders.

To prevent alcohol from making you to develop sleeping disorders you should stop making it part of every meal that you consume. You should also keep off drinking 3 hours before sleeping.

Ill health is also a contributor of DSPS. People who have heart, kidney and gastric problems are more prone to sleeping disorders. The same problem manifests itself on those people who experience severe indigestion or have high blood pressure.