If you suffer from sleep induced back or neck pain then a cloud pillow could be the solution you are looking for.

Cloud pillows are a range of pillow that offer superior support to your spine, head and shoulders over regular fiber based versions. They come in two general types: memory foam or air beads.

The Memory foam type is designed using a special foam that molds to fit with your sleeping posture. They come in a contoured shape often with ribbing that increases head cooling and offers the correct position for your head, aligning it with your spell, whether sleeping on your side or your back.

The second type contain air beads, the most popular of which is the 'As seen on TV' Sobakawa. The design of these are based on the traditional asian buckwheat pillow. They contain over 10 million 'air beads' which feel like your head is on a cloud (not literally). Sobakawa cloud pillows are considered as very comfortable, but will suit you best if you prefer a firm pillow.

There are a wide range of pillows available and they can range in price from around $ 20 for a Sobakawa up to $ 100 + for scientifically designed, high quality contour pillows, like the Symphony by Termur-Pedic. You can also buy specifically designed anti-allergen covers for most models.

In my opinion pillows are very dependent on what you find comfortable. A quick review in Amazon shows that almost all have people saying the same product is too hard and too soft, indicating it really depends on your personal preference. Memory foam pillows do get better ratings than air bead versions though – as you'll see in the cloud pillow review we have created, The Sleep Innovations Cloud Pillow looks to be the mix of value for money and comfort.

Millions of people across the globe have used cloud pillows to alleviate post sleeping pain with great success – at the very least, if you have issues with your pillow, it's worth trying a change.