Most problems with sleep are hard to identify because the symptoms can be so similar to other minor problems that we experience every day. Chronic fatigue or simple feelings of tiredness can go unnoticed and may simply become a part of the every day routine. For those experiencing these kinds of symptoms, it may be useful to see a specialist about a sleep study. Results of this study will be interpreted and compared against healthy sleep schedules.

There are all different kinds of sleeping problems, many of which will actually destroy the quality of your sleep. These types of problems are extremely damaging because they can go undetected for years at a time. The best and most effective way to identify them is through the results of a sleep study.

Perhaps the most effective tool that is used to monitor someone's sleep pattern is an EEG reading. Varied levels of brain activity occur through a normal night of sleep. This changing brain activity can provide specialists with exact sleep study results that they are able to compare with other patient's normal and healthy sleeping schedules. This is a very effective analysis that can identify any hidden disorders that might be subtly disabling one or more of the normal stages of sleep.

Acquiring different readings from the brain over the period of an hour night can help doctors locate the exact moment of transitions between different sleep stages. REM or rapid eye movement sleep is one stage that is of particular interest. This part of the sleep cycle makes up a very small amount of our total time sleep, but it accounts for a large amount of the restoration benefit that is provided.

During REM sleep a person's body will undergo some serious adjustment changes. The most obvious are an increase in both heart rate and breathing, which usually remain calm and even in other stages of sleep. There is also an increase in brain activity which is probably the reason that REM sleep has been linked to extremely vivid dreams.

REM sleep plays a very important role in the total restoration which sleep helps to provide. This means that it can be serious issue if someone does not manage to get enough REM sleep. Fortunately, a sleep study is able to reveal different problems and disruptions that could be causing difficulty for someone not getting enough REM sleep.

Through the use of sleep study results and the different collected measurements, specialists will quickly be able to determine if there is a serious undering problem. Interpreting these results can lead to a fast diagnosis and get you back on track with a healthy sleep schedule.