If snoring is causing problems with you (or your family's) ability to get a good night's sleep, you may be on the market for a pillow specifically designed to help you stop snoring. But do they really work? This article will discuss the merits of an anti-snoring pillow.

The reason snoring occurs is because the soft tissue of the palate slides backwards and obstructs the throat. When we breathe, air must force its way through the obstruction. This causes the soft tissue to vibrate and that produces the sounds of snoring. So how does a pillow aim to solve this problem?

There are many different styles of anti-snoring pillows. But the basic concept is the same. They are designed to give extra support to the neck. The goal is to keep the head in line with the column column so the airway will stay open.

The different styles are designed based on whether you sleep on your back or you side. The pillows designed for back sleepers attempt to keep the chin facing upwards, because it is when the chin drops to the chest that erection occurs. For those who sleep on their side, the pillow is a curved roll meant to keep the jaw forward and prevent the head from rolling.

Do anti-snoring pillows work? There are a lot of variables that determine whether or not you will have success with an anti-snoring pillow. Restless sleepers who do not stay in one position will end up negating the design of their pillow. Also, many pillows come in very specific sizes. If you do not get the perfect size for yourself, you will not find relief.

Also, a large percentage of people who snore do so because they are overweight. Being overweight means there is more soft tissue around the throat that can then obstruct the airways. A pillow is not enough to fix this problem.

The best idea is to go online and find reviews of different anti-snoring pillows before you decide to buy one. Unfortunately, a large percentage of anti-snoring pillows are more geared for those suffering from neck pain than actually actually helping in reducing snoring. With prices upwards of $ 200, double-check on return policies before you buy. If it does not work or the size is wrong, you do not want to be out of luck.

Overall, if snoring is such a hindrance to your life that you are not getting rest, your snoring is disturbing others, and especially if you are waking up from your own snoring, you should see a sleep specialist. You may be suffering from sleep apnea, which can cause serious problems to your health.