Ever woke up in the middle of the night because you have exploding head syndrome? Are you afraid to go back to sleep because the images in your hypnagogic hallucinations seem real and tangible? More and more people suffer from different kinds of parasomnia today. If you are one of those people, then you are probably seeking out a remedy for this type of sleeping disorder.

Working with a very good understanding of where these parasomnias come from helps you develop a solution which works for you. You will not find a single specific reason for this kind of sleeping disorder because no one fully understands the exact cause of these disorders. What you will find useful is having a working knowledge of factors that doctors believe bring about new or enhancing existing parasomnias. Finding solutions to fight these factors is much easier than looking for an unknown cause.

Stress and depression are two main culprits you might point to. Most people find it difficult to sleep when they have problems, but those of you who do fall sleep may experience parasomnias like hypnagogic hallucinations. Dealing with the cause of your stress is the quickest and most effective way of stopping these parasomnias in this case. If your depression is severe, taking prescription antidepressants may help.

Some parasomnias are due to other medical conditions you currently have. If you have exploding head syndrome, you might want to get your ears checked. You're most likely suffering from a disorder in your middle ear. Curing the original medical condition you have may very well help you get rid of the parasomnia bothering you at the moment. On other occasions, the medication you take for a different condition is responsible for your sleeping disorder. Make sure to ask your doctor about any side effect some medicines have. Together, devise ways to avoid or get rid of these side effects.

Sometimes, you may experience different types of parasomnia for reasons as simple as physical discomfort. If you have a body part that hurts at the time you fall sleep, or sometimes you are not comfortable in the mattress or the position you're in, you increase your chances of encountering these disorders. Engaging in relaxing activities will take care of your condition in this case. Try getting a full body massage or dipping in a milk-infused hot bubble bath if you feel any muscle pain in your body. Make sure to shop for beds and mattresses you are comfortable using. Try out the mattresses for a few minutes at the store before making a decision to get one so you have an idea of ​​whether or not it fits.

Like most conditions, your parasomnia may be a genetic thing. Find out if someone in your family suffers from the same condition. In such cases, doctors can provide various medications for you to get a good night's sleep. Whatever the cause of your parasomnia is, know there are steps you can take to fight it and get the shuteye you deserve.