Feeling tired? Is it affecting the way you look? Before you started feeling tired all the time I bet you looked much better. Moreover I bet you had no problem attracting the opposite sex and were considered quite a catch. The problem is that lack of sleep can have a real negative effect on how we look. We start to look less healthy. By knowing more about good quality sleep you will look better and be back to your old self.

Want to know more?

You are probably already aware of the importance of good nutrition and exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However the third (and often forgotten) pillar of good health is sleep. It is vital to keeping us healthy and productive both psychologically and physiologically.

As you may know when we sleep we go through a number of different phases that have different effects on our physical and mental health. Two of the most important stages of sleep are deep sleep and REM (dream) sleep. REM sleep helps us with complicated learning, creativity and emotional balance as we play out scenarios in our dreams and formulate reactions.

Deep sleep is when the body undertakes its internal repairs. Cells regenerate. You know that when you do not get enough sleep your skin gets worse and you develop bags under your eyes. Well that's not the only aspect of physical health that suffers. Insufficient and / or poor quality sleep can also increase your chance of diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Are you eating well and exercising but actually putting on weight? If you are and you are not sleeping well then that could be the reason.

By getting sufficient good quality sleep you will enjoy all the restorative benefits that sleep provides. No more bad skin, no more bags under the eyes, better physical condition – a healthier glow and with it greater attractiveness. Not only that but you will be able to communicate better – the words you need will come to you. No more stuttering and trying to find the right words.

The key is to understand how much sleep you need and how to achieve good quality sleep. Quantity and quality are both very important. The first golden rule is to ensure you leave sufficient time to get the sleep you need. You should also ensure that your bedroom environment is optimized for sleep and that your routine before bed is also conducive to obtaining a good night sleep.

You are nearly there. To find out more about how much sleep you need and how to achieve good quality sleep follow the directions below.