Snoring – what causes it?

The snoring sound is caused by vibrations that usually come from the mouth cavity and throat. It is produced when structures in the oral cavity vibrate because of restricted or redirected airflow. Restricted airflow can cause portions of the oral cavity in the upper jaw the uvula and the soft palate to vibrate. Also when because of nasal congestion a person breathes through the mouth when sleeping the air that a person breathes in and out can more directly come in to contact with soft palate / uvula to produce snoring. What anti snoring devices are designed to do Anti snoring devices are designed to open up the restrictions that impede airflow as you sleep. This avoids the condition that causes the vibrations in the first place, reducing or eliminating snoring. Other devices work on eliminating the secondary cause of nasal congestion that leads to mouth breathing-that can cause snoring.

Four types of anti snoring products

Nasal products for congestion

For nasal congestion you have options of natural, OTC and prescription products. For natural products you can use steam from boiling water to clear congestion, also can make a homemade saline solution by adding one fourth of a teaspoon of sea salt to cup of boiling water, cool and add to a sanitized spray bottle.

Sleep position products

There are products that can help to reduce snoring through adjusting your sleep position. A common product that does are anti snoring pillows that encourage side sleeping and lift the head / neck to encourage clear breathing. Other products are reclining beds that lift up the persons head and sleep position for clear breathing.

Products that work through acupressure

Acupressure is an eastern medical concept that uses pressure points to help body functions. A simple set of points that can help with nasal congestion are on the top and bottom of both nostril side and below the earlobes, by applying gentle pressure with thumb and index finger on the nostril sides or the index fingers below the earlobes can enhance the clearing of nasal passes.A product that uses the principle of acupressure to stop snoring is called the snoring ring, it is worn on the 4th finger (usually left) and helps to keep the oral cavity and larynx muscles in an active state (as if you were awake) to give you clear breathing.

Products that position the mouth and jaw

These products promote clear breathing by moving the lower jaw forward. these products are mandibular advancement splints. This product fits over the teeth and moves the lower jaw forward it has three types the no fitted, one were you make a imprint and send to a manufacture to make and a third that is made by a dentist.


By gaining knowledge you will be more informed to select the correct product / products to help you stop snoring.