Insomnia, or insufficient sleep, is one of the most prevalent health conditions tormenting people in large numbers today. While occupational stress and poor eating habits are some key reasons of insomnia, there are many other factors too which cause this problem. If the reason of this problem is not tracked in the early stages and eliminated, it can lead to complications like hallucination and depression.

We live in a wild frenzied world where people are willing to go to any length to excel in their profession. With intense competition taking over our workplaces, everyone is left without choice, but to go with the flow and take on the work demands. The high stress levels caused as a result of the frantic lifestyle of individuals are the leading causes of insomnia. Added to work place demands, the individual also needs to face the expectations of his family in terms of time and money that need to be met, which further heightens the problem. Taking out a couple of minutes from your chaotic schedule to perform meditation and free your mind of its problems just before you hit the bed is the best way to enjoy a good night's sleep.

Sleeplessness can also be a common occurrence in individuals who consume excess amounts of coffee. The high content of caffeine in this rate increases the level of activity in the brain. Any individual trying to overcome the problem of insomnia should avoid coffee at least a few hours before they plan to sleep.

Lack of sleep may also be attributed to improper food intake. While anorexic people prefer to go to bed hungry, bulimic individuals gorge on rich and calorific food till the time their head touches the pillow. Anorexia and bulimia have a negative impact on sleep and need to be overcome by seeking advice from your health care provider or diet specialist. Keep your meal timings set at regular time intervals and make sure your eat healthy nutritious food if you would like to avoid sleepless nights.

Individuals who smoke excessively are also at risk of sleep related issues. The nicotine content in the cigarettes works as a body stimulant where it intensifies the cardiac activity in individuals making them feel restless. It also intensifies the flow of blood to the brain and temporarily kills tiredness, so preventing you from falling asleep.

Individuals who lead a sedentary lifestyle also suffer sleep problems. Exercises are important to enjoy good sleep. You do not need to do excessive strenuous workouts for hours together to overcome insomnia. All you need is a short walk for a few minutes prior to heading to bed to unwind your muscles and improve blood circulation.

In addition to this, there are many other causes of insomnia such as drug abuse, excess consumption of alcohol and inconsistent sleep patterns. Regardless of the cause, it is vital to take precautionary measures the minute you feel sleep deprived to prevent it from leading to additional problems that may affect mental health.