Sleeping well each night is one of the best ways to enjoy physical and emotional well being. If sleep is not happening, here are 5 conditions that may be causing you sleepless nights.

Situational Depression — A friend of mine says life is not for the weak. And the longer you live the more this phrase will ring true. Situational depression is as you would expect from its name — depression cause by a particular situation. This includes loss of a child, death of a parent, divorce, job loss, and any other situation that causes prolonged anxiety, stress, or grief.

The event at the root of the problem can and often does change sleeping habits. Worrying and trying to problem solve often make it difficult if not impossible for a person to rest well. Most people are able to get past this temporary slip with professional counseling, and / or the support of friends and family. The good news is that the coping skills and emotional adjustments learned during this period can often be helpful in leading a more productive life.

Sleep Apnea — This periodic interruption of breathing interrupts sleep. If you suffer from this condition this physical wake-up call will continue to interfere with sleep. Sometimes this condition is able to be rented with medication or by wearing a device called a CPap to insure that breath remains constant through the night.

Age — As we age, chemicals in the brain are released and the result is that they are more difficult to sleep. And if physical conditions make it harder for a person to be active, the need for sleep is not as great particularly if napping during the day is usual.

Stress — Many times this condition is caused by worry about things over which have limited or zero control. And more times than not, the very things that are at the center of this worry never materialize.

However, fear of this imagined situation causes the body to introduce chemicals which give us more energy. But this energy is translated into nervous stomach, diarrhea, headaches, loss of appetite, chronic fatigue, a general feeling of being ill at ease, and an impairment to sleep.

Bedroom Allergens —- The bedroom can be a haven for airborne allergens that can exacerbate allergies and asthma. The protein in the feces of dust mites are a potent allergen. And these mites are most prolific in linens and are one of the leading causes of congestion which can interfere with sleep.