Snoring is deemed as a serious problem among many. It not only affects the people suffering from the habit, but others in their family as well. While jokes are cracked about the person who snores, the reality is that prolonged snoring disturbs almost half of the adult population and can lead to many serious physical and emotional difficulties.

Often people take snoring as just a side effect of sleep, which is sometimes irritating and uncomfortable. But it should be considered as a more serious concern as snoring due to severe sleep apnea can cause early death to people suffering from it. There are several health problems which can be triggered due to chronic snoring, some of them are described below.

Heart Diseases:

Sleep apnea is related to cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure and coronary artery disease. Sooner or later it may lead to possible heart attacks. Snoring elevates sleep disorder causing many heart disease and sometimes fatal heart attacks.


Health analysis shows that the louder and longer you snore each night, the higher is your long-standing risk for a stroke. This happens due to narrowing of the arteries in the neck with fatty deposits called plaque.


Prolonged snoring or sleep disorder may bear the risk of developing an irregular heartbeat ailment. This condition in which heartbeat is irregular, either too fast or too slow is known as arrhythmia. Sleep disorders caused by snoring can also have episodes of atrial fibrillation, which is a common type of arrhythmia.


Some people often complain of heads when waking up in the morning. After many researchers with habitual snorers it was ascertained that there was a connection between sleep disorder and headaches in the morning.


Most of the overweight people suffer from sleep disorders and snoring. This can be due to the extra fat that accumulates around the neck area which makes it difficult to breath at night while sleeping. Losing weight would certainly improve signs related to sleep disorders and snoring.

Mental Health Problems:

Lack of sleep and improper sleep habits may upset your mental well-being which can lead to severe depression. Recent medical studies show that there lies a deep link between snoring, sleep disorders and depression, which gives rise to mental health issues.

Many researchers, doctors and other health consultants suggest a variety of methods, exercises and tools to help stop or reduce snoring. But you must be extra cautious before saying on any such aid and choose the best way to reduce snoring .

All the above mentioned conditions are extremely serious, so if you or someone around you is facing snoring problems, immediately discussion with the doctor is a must.