Getting good sleep for adults is extremely important. However with the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's difficult to get a good nights rest. No matter what the reason may be, maybe you're worried about an upcoming promotion or you're worried about paying rent a week late. Whatever it may be that is keeping you up, these great tips will help you to sleep better.

Waking up from a restless night, it can be very tempting to down cups of coffee the next day. But make sure to stay clear from caffeine a few hours before bedtime if you're having problems sleeping. That lunch time coffee can keep you buzzing until bedtime. I like to end my nights off with a hot cup of chamomile tea or warm milk right before bed. It is very calming and aids in getting a good nights sleep.

Use a calming body wash in the evening that contains lavender. This may be a baby wash, but adults can certainly benefit from it's calming properties. I love to use the Johnson & Johnson lavender baby wash.

Instead of watching Jay Leno and Craig Ferguson at night, substitute television for a good book. TV keeps our minds active while reading relaxes our minds. Even if you do not enjoy books, read a magazine you enjoy!

This may sound very simple but, once you are tired, go to sleep! Do not be tempted to lie down in bed and do the perpetual scroll and refresh on your phone like I'm sure you're guilty of. The blue hue of your screen has been proven to keep you awake long after initial tiredness kicks in. Did you know in the hour before bed, over 90% of adults admit to texting, watching television, or browsing the web on their mobile phone.

If you've had one of those busy days at work and missed on your morning, or afternoon gym sessions, do not be tempted to work out at night time. Rather do yoga before bed which will relax your mind, and body and help you to sleep better.

If all else fails:

These sleep tips not helping? You may very well have insomnia, which will not be simply followed by following the above tips. I've had insomnia before and I know how horrible it is. Try a melatonin supplement which can be found at a natural health store. If this still does not work, then you may have to consult with your doctor.