What is it about your day that keeps you awake at night?

Are you living a life that is working for you, or are you dashing around trying to meet everyone's needs and keep up with the Jones's as well?

Your body needs sleep, and it can be affected by what you do in the day time. If you are living a hectic lifestyle, taking stimulants to keep your energy levels up, and not following the rhythm that your body is designed for, you are not giving your body the chance to function as it is designed to.

What could you be doing that can prevent you from going to sleep at night?

  • Too many commitments and racing around all day trying to meet them.
  • Trying to be the perfect mother and not taking time out for yourself.
  • Not eating well, and have health issues, weight problems, and / or nutritional deficiencies.
  • Coping with stressful circumstances, and not being able to let them go in the evenings.
  • Having too much activity in your evenings and not allowing yourself time to wind down and relax.
  • Having disrupted sleep due to a crying baby or snoring spouse.
  • Not living your life in a way that satisfies and energizes you.
  • Depression and / or anxiety.

Do any of these suggestions hit a note with you? Did you agree, but wonder how you can change it? Most of these situations do not happen overnight. They take time to develop and you can wake up one day, and realize that your life is very different from what you had planned. Or it was what you planned, but not what you had hoped for.

That can mean that you might have to unravel a few things to be able to create the right environment for a good night's sleep. You may need to make changes in your life style, and look at your priorities. This may mean having conversations with those around you, or getting help to sort out a problem that you are having difficulty sorting out.

Think back to when you were able to sleep soundly at night time.

  • What has changed since then?
  • What were you doing differently when you were sleeping well at night time?
  • Are there things that you can change easily to begin the process of creating the right environment to sleep at night?

You will probably have to make a number of changes to end your sleepless nights, so do not just try one thing and decide it is hopeless. Each small change can have a cumulative effect, so you will have to be patient.