In today's world where going to sleep can be only a future escape the omnipresent communication we endure daily, should not it make sense to reward ourselves with a full sleep to be ready for tomorrow's challenges? There are, however, so many things to think about that even our sacred time of sleep is disturbed.

And if you can not get a good night's rest, then how do you expect to face tomorrow's ever increasing stress, and work loads?

If you find yourself with thoughts racing through your mind that will not keep you calm even before you go to sleep then this can hinder your sleeping patterns, then turning you into an insomniac. A good solution to tame a racing brain is to fill it with new thoughts and ideas and reading a relaxing book before bedtime does just that.

If you are too worried about tomorrow's exam or too agitated before tomorrow's major business presentation, then reading a good book will help your mind from focusing on something stressful and escape reality a bit. This is a perfect method to get the right sleep that you deserve.

Why do you think that parents read stories to children before they go to sleep? Instead of focusing on large amounts of tasks and events occurring in our lives, reading allows us a temporary escape and a renewed focus on something much more relaxing. It allows your mind to transition from a stressful day and ready itself to a transition to peaceful sleep.

However, not all books can help achieve that desired effect. For instance, if you read a thriller or similar books that contain gore or violence, it will only hinder your sleep efforts compared to those books that are filled with adventures, joy, laughter, and romance. Try reading novels that have an engaging story which will let you put down a chapter or two and then come back on it the next night. There are good books out there that can absolutely promote relaxing sleep, just ask your local librarian or bookstore assistant about the book that's appropriate before sleep.

When reading a book before you sleep, the best place to read is in your bedroom. Lying down in bed is very relaxing and it keeps you in the proper position for sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, give reading before bedtime a try. You are sure to get a good night's sleep and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.