We all want to know how to fall sleep fast and search different articles and methods online. Some of them work, some do not. The thing that makes me wonder is: do animals dream? If they dream what do they dream about and do they have problems falling asleep also?

Well, let's take a look at the stats for a moment. I searched the net and found out the top 5 sleepiest animals on the planet:

  • Koala – naps about 22 hours (I can not imagine the purpose of that animals life)
  • Sloth – naps about 20 hours a day (well .. the name kinda explains it)
  • Armadillo – sleeps 19 hours
  • Opossum – about 19 hours
  • Lemur – takes a nap for 16 hours

But what about animals who are so busy they just do not have time to sleep?

  • Giraffe – takes a rest for 1.9 hours (too busy eating leaves to survive)
  • Horse – naps 2.9 hours (I bet racing horses sleep more)
  • Donkey – about 3.1 hours
  • Sheep – about 3.8 hours
  • Cow – feet tired for 3.9 hours

As you can see animals are very different in their sleeping patterns. But the question remains: do some animals find it difficult to fall sleep? According to Sleep and Health Journal: yes.

Abnormal sleep patterns though have been found only in domestic animals. Creatures that live in the wild are healthier than domestic animals. It may also mean that animals with sleep disorders can not survive in the wild.

Sleep disorders in animals may be primary or secondary. The secondary one can be caused by medical conditions such as drug treatment, heart problems, brain tumor. The primary sleep disorders are due to narcolepsy and sleep apnea. Narcolepsy symptoms are: sudden sleep attacks, excessive daytime sleepiness, sudden paralysis and hallucinations prioring sleep. Apnea means cessation of breathing during the sleep.

It is worth mentioning that domestic animals have also sleeping problems that occur with little children – wetting in sleep. Owners of dogs have reported that their pets are well trained and obey to the commands but still sometimes wet the floor. The animals usually start urinating during the sleep and often wake up during the act feeling guilty and surprised.

So, as you can see, even the animals have problems falling asleep. So next time when you look at your dog and wish you could sleep like him – think again, they might think the same way back.