Part Two – “I can not wait for a sit down and a glass of wine”

If you are tired all the time are you need to consider the effect of these three things on your energy. Maybe by just giving up one of these things it will help you overcome tiredness and get your energy back. You might think you ares having something that will help you but it could be having the opposite effect.


Are you hurrying in from a busy day at work or are you a mum that has had a hard day looking after her children and the thing that you have been looking forward to for the last few hours is “I can not wait for a sit down a have a large glass of wine or a gin and tonic or a few beers? ” Yes, in small quantities alcohol can give a feeling of relaxation and for some people it can increase their confidence. However, if you start drinking more than the government advised guidelines it can lead to irritability, irrational behavior, mood swings, depression and … what we are interested in, sleep disturbance and fatigue. What happens is that the sedative effect that alcohol gives you and makes you sleepy wears off during the night while you are sleeping and your blood levels drop to zero and you can wake up sweating and with a headache and unable to get back to sleep again.

Cutting Down on Alcohol

There are plenty of medical reports that state a small amount of alcohol has positive health benefits and aids the heart and circulation. Many people enjoy a glass of wine with their meal. However you might want to consider cutting down or cutting out alcohol if you are experiencing any of the following: –

• You are waking in the night after drinking alcohol

• You have a general lethargy and are fed up being tired all the time

• You are waking up with a muggy head or a dull head or feel fed up or depressed

• You would be bothered if you could not have a drink that day

• You have found yourself drinking more alcohol to get the same relaxed feeling as you used to get with one or two wines or beers.

Making the right decisions

This article is giving general information and is not intended to replace any medical or professional advice. If you feel your drinking is becoming an issue in your life, go and seek medical advice. However, if you are fed up of being tired all the time and want to look at eliminating all the possible causes of your tiredness, this maybe an area you could look at. Start by being conscious of all your “drinking” decisions. Do not just automatically pour yourself a glass of wine when you watch the TV, think about it, think of the effect it may have on you in a few hours time. Start by acknowledging how much you drink in a day or at certain times of the week and see if those times coincide with when you are feeling tired or feeling low. If they do coincide, commit to cutting down or eliminating alcohol from your daily routine.

So, as with so many other things in life it's a balance. There's no harm in having a glass of wine with your meal but think twice if your glasses are so big that you've drunk the bottle in just two glasses. Some of the glasses are so big they are like small buckets on a stem. When you become conscious of what you are drinking see if it coincides with you being tired all the time and take action. You know what simple steps you can implement – smaller glasses – a glass of water between each glass of alcohol – replace the wine with a sparkling grape juice – take action. Give yourself a month's trial of cutting back or eliminating see if it will help you achieve tiredness and get your energy back, it's definitely worth it to see if you feel any better.

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