We have always been told to wake up early, yet none of us do. How can we when we end up sleeping at three in the morning? To be fresh and energized in the morning, one must do certain things to revitalize your body and mind.

Have a good heavy breakfast. That is a must. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet most of us tend to skip it. No wonder we feel dead and lazy in the morning and carrying out through the day seems impossible. Not having breakfast can also have drastic consequences on our health in the long run. After a good night's sleep, our body needs food to vitalise itself.

Get yourself motivated about something to make yourself look forward to benefits of waking up early. When you can not wait to start your day, get to work or meet people, you will automatically want to wake up early. Make yourself a really nice cup of coffee to energise you. Or go for a walk or a little jog around the neighborhood. You can also go and have breakfast at your favorite restaurant to treat yourself occasionally.

A view of the sunrise will certainly uplift you. This will help to kick start your day and you will end up feeling refreshed. The sunrise will have a peaceful calming effect on you. It will fill you up with hope for the new day.

Waking up early means that you will end up starting your day earlier which will make you finish your tasks earlier. You can also get done with all your work which was piling up and you were not getting the time to do so. You will be better able to give time to friends and families which will improve your relationships as well. You will have additional time to yourself which you can utilize by picking up a hobby or having some hard earned much anticipated me-time.

Planning does wonders, to me at least. For someone who is very organized, making lists is a constant need. So make a to do list of things and tasks you have to complete the next day. When you will keep checking out the things while you do them, you will get a sense of satisfaction as well as achievement. You will also be motivated to complete them as early as possible and then get on to doing fun and relaxing activities.

We all have a love hate relationship with our alarm clocks. We keep hitting the snooze button like it is the only thing which will save the world. That, is what we will have to stop. Try placing your alarm clock as far away from your reach as possible. When you will go to turn the alarm off you will end up walking around the room which will make you less drowsy.

The sun and the elements of morning quotes have a naturally waking effect on your mind and body. Another thing one must do is to stick to the routine you will develop. If you get up early on work days, then get up at similar times on weekends too. This is because your body will end up getting used that routine. The biological clock will set itself to those timings and you will not even need an alarm clock then, trust me.