Kava is herbal medicine that is most commonly used for anxiety and sleep disorders like insomnia. It is also known as Piper methysticum and is most commonly found in the islands of South Pacific. It belongs to the pepper family and has been used over centuries as a medicine to cure stress related problems. The plant root is used for the medicinal purpose and is now commonly available in the form of tablets, capsule and tea. Traditionally, the root of the plant was chewed or used to make medicinal drink.

Why To Use?

The sedative property of Kava makes it a good treatment to help people suffering with sleep issues. It is also used as an alcohol beverage in many parts of the world. Its root is composed of an ingredient kavalactones, which is known to affect the levels of neurotransmitter in the blood. However, researchers and studies are still going on to reveal the exact element of the root that can reveal how it works. It basically affects neurotransmitters that affect our mood like GABA and dopamine. The most important aspect of using this herbal medicine is that it eliminates stress from your body which is the main problem behind several other health issues.

For Insomnia

Lot of Americans faces stress problems and undergoes sleep problems. The changes in lifestyle and the disturbed sleep cycle is becoming a main cause of sleep disorders. Doctors often recommend the use of sleeping pills under such circumstances but these pills are potentially dangerous for your health as they have varied side effects. If you are facing such chronic sleep and stress issues, then Kava is the best holistic herbal medicine for you. However, its quantity should be taken under supervision. It helps to promote sleep as well as you feel more energized because of no stress and also have a good mood.

Precautions And Side Effects

Kava should be taken with precaution as it can have some side effects. Do not take dosage of kava in excess quantity as it can cause liver problems and even liver failure. Hepatitis and kidney damage can also occur if you take it way too much than the prescribed dosage. You can also face some mild side effects such as headache or hair loss. So avoid it if you are pregnant or having liver problems. Also, avoid its take when you are having antidepressants. Be cautious in its use; do not ever exceed its limit.

Relives Stress

Kava is a good sedative agent but do not abuse its usage. Lot of people uses Kava to make alcohol drinks, which is dangerous for health and also may prove fatal. Higher amount of quantity can lead to serious complications and may cause life-threatening conditions. You can always use its root to make a good tea with its prescribed quantity. It can help you relieve stress issues but always take a precaution in its usage. Make the best use of it to treat sleep related issues and use it on a limited quantity.