One of the more common side effects caused by lack of sleep is an amount of excessive daytime sleepiness known as EDS. These particular types of symptoms cover a number of effects that can be seen in people who are experiencing problems with sleep deprivation.

General tiredness and the urge to take sudden naps make up the general description of mild EDS. As these cases become more severe, the symptoms extend from just urges to an actual accessibility to stay awake.

Periods of napping during the day can interfere with just about anyone's daily schedule, whether it might be at work or at school. This kind of symptom can easily jeopardize a career if they happen to persist over a long period period. Anyone experiencing these kinds of symptoms during the day should take a serious look at their quality of sleep.

Just putting in the hours at night is not always enough. Often, it is the quality of those hours that presents an even bigger problem. Substances like caffeine or alcohol are two of the most common factors for deteriorating sleep quality.

Caffeine is a perfect example of something that reduces the overall quantity of sleep by creating physiological changes. The ingestion of this drug has been proven to cause sleeping problems even when it is taken in the morning hours.

Alcohol is another substance that instead affects sleep quality. The effects of alcohol are less transparent as it reduces the amount of time spent in valuable recreational stages of sleep. Someone who drinks an alcoholic beverage before bed is more likely to spend a great amount of their sleep in the NREM stage. This stage of sleep is only mildly helpful for restoring the mind and body.

If you're considering using sleeping pills as an aid to get to sleep, you should really consult a professional first to discuss the benefits and risks. Always keep in mind though that the sleep that this kind of pill creates is manufactured and does not necessarily provide the same restoration as normal sleep.

Serious lack of sleep symptoms lasting longer than a period of one month are chronic. Insomnia of a chronic nature is a serious problem and it can be extremely difficult to effectively identify the exact cause behind any one case. It may in fact be necessary to utilize a sleep study, which is a thorough and careful analysis of a normal night of sleep. These studies reveal abnormal abnormalities in the body as well as any fluctuations of brain activity that may indicate a disorder. Once a disorder is identified it's possible to find a solution for even chronic and long term side effects of sleep deprivation.