Knowing lack of sleep symptoms is very important. This is because despite sleep being very significant to proper functioning of mind and the entire body, many people do not get sufficient sleep. Not getting enough sleep can result in reduced productivity of an individual in their work. Basically, when you do not get sufficient sleep at night, you may feel sleepy the entire day.

Individuals who do not get adequate sleep also feel fatigued making them unable to deliver maximum performance at their workplace. Unfortunately, some people do not take their condition seriously. Even when lack of sleep symptoms a clearly identifiable, some people will tend to ignore them. Among the most common symptoms include:

* Aching of muscles without identifiable cause.

* Having irritable moods during the day at work or other places

* Reduction in the level of alertness and concentration

* General disorientation

* Increased instances of being stressed

* High blood pressure in some individuals

* Abnormal weight increase or weight loss in some individuals

* Slurred or slower speech.

* Lack of creativity and speed in reasoning and making quick decisions. Some individuals are even unable to reason logically.

* General reduction in efficiency and speed in thinking and taking actions

Harmful effects of lack of sleep

Lack of sleep symptoms should be treated seriously. This is because sleep deprivation has a negative impact on different brain parts. Such parts of the brain include temporal lobe. This is the region within the brain involved in language processing. This area within the brain is activated by normal learning. However, when a person does not get sufficient sleep, this region is unable to function properly.

Another region within the brain that is affected by lack of adequate sleep is the parietal lobe. This is the brain's part involved in determining navigation and spatial sense. Proper functioning of this region is affected in rest deprived individuals.

Basically, human brain needs rest for proper functioning. However, when brain does not get this rest, daily lives of individuals are affected negatively. Different aspects of people lives are affected some of which can even lead to risk of lives.

Ways sleeping problem affects daily life and health.

* Insufficient sleep results into micro-sleeps during the day. These are short periods of time which is last for seconds or a few minutes. The lower productivity can even cause an accident to people who work in industries.

* The side effects also cause fats which in return causes reduced production.

* Health of individuals with inadequate sleep is also affected because their immune system is weakened. Studies have shown that T-cell count that is critical for proper functioning of the immune system decrease in individuals who do not get sufficient sleep.

* In children it may affect their growth. This is because growth cells are secreted during deep sleep in children.

* Research has also disclosed that deprivation of night rest hours result of damage to the hypothalamus. The result of this is a fluctuation of body weight since this part is responsible for appetite and energy expenditure levels.

It is apparent that lack of sleep symptoms should be taken seriously. Causes of the condition should be identified and treated to avoid these negative effects on people lives and health.