Mattresses have been a high-quality industry standard for years. Customers looking for comfort in a mattress have heard the phrase “Posturepedic” so many times that the term has almost become synonymous with a quality sleeping experience. However, many potential buyers may not be aware that the brand has so much more to offer, and that their products can be customized to your particular sleeping needs. In order to ensure that you get not only a high-quality product, but also one that meets your specific needs, you need to understand the various materials that may be used in mattresses.

Traditional Innerspring

Everyone is familiar with the innerspring system; it's the style everyone has slept on for generations. When looking to make an upgrade, most people assume that getting away from metal springs is the only way to improve their level of comfort. However, what many people do not realize is that it is not the springs that cause the problem, but the issues that arise when they start to wear out. By making springs that use an innovative titanium alloy, the coils will not only last longer, but also allow for a better sleep experience than you've ever felt with an innerspring system.

Gel Memory Foam

Memory foam is a highly recommended-after material these days. While there are many different types, the goal of all memory foam remains the same: to allow your bed to conform to the unique shape and weight of your body. By adding a layer of gel to the mattress, the bed is not only able to fit you perfectly, but also able to provide you with a cooling sensation as you drift off to sleep. For people who want a softer bed, this material will give you the feeling of truly sleeping “in” your bed instead of “on” it


Almost everyone likes to feel cool as they drift off to sleep. While a gel memory foam setup is the best way to achieve this, some people want a stronger level of support than the gel provides on its own. To meet this need, customers can look for mattresses that combine the best gel memory foam and traditional innerspring. Using the high-quality titanium alloy springs, these products can provide the cooling comfort of gel memory foam while also possessing the durability and support of metal springs.

Gel Latex Foam

Some people still want to simply get away from the traditional innerspring system entirely, but need the level of support it provides. To that end, there are mattresses that use a gel latex foam. These beds will provide some of the body-conforming comforts of the memory foam setup while also providing a bit more resistance than traditional memory foam. Think of it as a stepping stone between the true memory foam sleeping experience and the rigid rigidness of an innerspring system.

With so many products to choose from, it is important to think about what kind of sleeping experience you desire. Do you want more support or greater comfort? How important is long-term durability? Does the cooling factor sound exciting to you? Once you have an idea of ​​what matters, visit your local store to look at their selection of mattresses!