Choosing the right aids

There are many different aids that people look to help with their snoring problem. But how do you know it's the right one for you? By acquiring knowledge about the causes of snoring you can select a medical aid that can address a cure that would match the cause of your snoring. This knowledge can help a family member or yourself to successfully cure a snoring problem. This article explains how medical aids can help you to stop snoring.

Snoring causes

Snoring is caused by many factors. The common direct causes are obstruction / partial blockage in the throat mouth or nasal passes. These obstructions can cause vibrations in the mouth, throat or nose that can cause the snoring sound. These vibrations can be activated through stronger than normal breathing. In the mouth cavity the uvula and the soft palate can vibrate when touching with other tissues in the mouth. Enlarged tonsils and / or adenoids can be another source of snoring. In the mouth cavity the uvula is the skin flap in the throat (hanging down) the soft palate tissue on the top of the mouth. The nasal cavity can also (though less often) cause snoring itself through a deviated septum, nostrils that collapse or nasal polyps. Most often the nose itself is an indirect snoring cause because of nasal congestion that causes breathing through the mouth. Mouth breathing can cause airflow to go directly on the tissues in the mouth that cause snoring.

Indirect snoring causes

Other causes that can create snoring are more indirect causes; sleep apnea is one of the most serious. A person can stop breathing for nine to ten seconds and snores trying to catch their breath. Other less serious indirect causes can be extra weight that causes a smaller airway in the throat causing snoring.

Aids for direct snoring causes

For direct causes medical aids can help in the jaw and tongue alignment, in a device called a mandibular advancement. Correcting a misalignment can give a person a less obstructive breathing, reducing snoring. For jaw and tongue alignment, aids can also be bought over the counter because they are not custom fitted as the mandibular advancement is. Sometimes snoring itself can be avoided by not breathing through the mouth when sleeping. A chin device called a chin strap helps keep the mouth closed during sleep. The aid wraps around the back of the head and chin to secure it when a person is sleeping.

Aids for nasal congestion and snoring

Other aids can be bought over the counter, which assists for clear breathing in the nasal passages. One of them you are probably aware of because it is commonly worn by athletes is a nasal strip. The aid is attached on the outside of the nose to open the nasal passage. Other OTC aids are nasal sprays which help to open the nasal passes. Prescription nasal sprays much of them steroidal sprays are an option to help keep the nasal passes open. Nasal dilation devices address a nostril that collapse which is a direct cause of nasal snoring, this aid is put inside of the nostril.