Your sleeping partner has not been talking to you and you are having cold-war. The reason is because you have been snoring every night depriving your sleeping partner a good night rest.

People get grumpy as they can not sleep, more so if this is caused by snoring from their sleeping partner. The problem is not new as most people will snore one time or another. The snoring will only get worse if nothing is done to rectify the snoring. Marriage will be at risk and relationships may turn sour.

There are different level of snoring – light snorer, moderate snorer and heavy snorer. People will still be able to take it if you are a light snorer. However, if you are a moderate or a heavy snorer, you will probably disturb other people's sleep.

For the moderate snorer, you can consider using a mouthpiece for snoring. The mouthpiece is a device made from plastic and will be worn in your mouth whenever you go to sleep.

When you use the mouthpiece, the soft throat tissues inside your throat will not fall back. When this happens, the airway inside your throat not being blocked and snoring will not happen. This is a very simple and yet effective device in reducing or completely stop your snoring.

Before you purchase any mouthpiece, it will be good to consult your dentist for advice as this is basically an oral product. If your dentist can tailor made a mouthpiece according to the shape of your mouth, this will be the best mouthpiece for you. However, do keep in mind that a custom-made mouthpiece will generally cost more. If you can get a mouthpiece that is suitable for you over the counter, then just buy it to save cost.

Before you start to use this mouthpiece at night, my advice will be to do some practice first. After all, you need to get used to the feeling of having something in your mouth whenever you sleep at night.

After using this mouthpiece for several months, it will be good for you to set up an appointment with your dentist to do a thorough check-up on your mouth's condition. Usually you are advised to do the check up at least once half-yearly.

Some people may not like the idea of ​​having something in their mouth whenever they sleep and may stop using this device after using it for several weeks. Beside, using this device may cause side-effects like surge of salivation, shifting of teeth position and other mouth related problem.

If you develop any problem with the mouthpiece for snoring , my advice will be to stop using it completely. After all, your health and well-being is still the most important thing to you.