Need Sleep? Tired all the time? No energy for school or college?

For many teenagers there is a familiar refrain – “I am tired” or “I am sleepy”. But is it any surprise? It's almost as if the amount of sleep that teenagers need has been a closely guarded secret that nobody has wanted to share for decades. How can teens expect to function properly at school and their other activities when they do not know how much sleep they should be achieving?

Well I'm here to unforgettable that secret and tell you how much sleep teenagers need.

Imagine now – with the information I am going to give you – your grades start picking up again, you rise to the top of your class, you excel once again in your out of school pastimes (be it sport, art, drama, dance or other hobby). Sound good?

Before I go into more detail on the amount of sleep needed it's also important to understand how to sleep well. Good sleep means more personal energy and good health. Common problems with the quality of teenage sleep include use of TVs, computers and games consoles in the bedroom before going to sleep, teens drink caffeine (be it coffee and tea or soft drinks and eating chocolate) and even worse – those energy drinks marketed at teens are terrible for sleep. Make sure your room is clutter free, cool, dark and well aired. These tips will help ensure the quality of your sleep is good and reduce the chances of you having trouble sleeping.

So how much sleep do teenagers need?

When we are first born we generally sleep for 15 hours a day in brief spells. As we get older the amount of sleep we need falls until we reach adulthood. In our early teens we should be aiming for between 10 and 11 hours of good quality sleep a night. By the time we are 16 to 19 years old the amount of sleep we need falls to roughly 9 hours a night. So if you need to get up for school or college at 7am you need to be in bed and sleep by 10pm. You want to start a relaxing wind down routine from 9pm with no computers, TVs or games in the bedroom.

However, as well as knowing how much sleep you need you also need to understand why continuous unbroken sleep is important – as the different stages of sleep contribute different benefits to all growing teenagers who want to excel at school and in their other hobbies. If you want to know this crucial information follow the directions below.