Non-CPAP Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatments – What Are The Possibilities?

Fact is, CPAP is not the only solution you have. There are many other obstructive sleep apnea treatments that can help. But the main concern is to apply the right things to your condition.

Because people have different health conditions. That will lead to different ways to treat their illnesses. Maybe both you and Jane have obstructive sleep apnea. But what is applicable for you might not work with Jane.

The reason? You are not Jane!

OK, so let's talk about alternative ways to improve your condition. What we have here are:

1) Using good foods and taking healthy meals:

Do you eat healthy foods daily? Or you're another big fan of McDonald's?

Do not overlook what you eat on a daily basis! They have a bigger impact on you and your condition than you can imagine of. Fact is, a healthy meal can improve not only your overall health condition but also your sleep apnea situation. Furthermore, it is a very good friend when you're thinking about losing weight to cure this illness!

Some special kinds of foods such as walnut, ginger juice, yam are tested to be good choices for consuming on a daily basis. They will gradually improve your condition.

2) Small shifts in your daily routine will lead to considerable improvement!

Are you living a healthy lifestyle? Or you're a heavy smoker, alcohol and caffeine maniac?

Let me tell you. Those things will hep you nothing but worsen your obstructive sleep apnea and drag your life to hell! Smoking kills, and it will enhance your airway blockage. Quit it as soon as possible!

Alcohol will make your soft tissues even softer so increasing the chances that they will block your airway. Caffeine? You might think that it will help you stay awake when you're constantly facing daytime sleepiness. But the truth is reverse. Instead of taking caffeine, it's time for some healthy foods that will bring you more energy to continue the battle!

3) Are you overweight?

An obese body worsens obstructive sleep apnea.

If your body mass index (BMI) is larger than 25, you should take a serious look at weight loss. Many clinical tests show us that there is a strong bond between obstructive sleep apnea and obesity. In many cases, missing some extra pounds equals significant improvement of your condition.

But you should also know that weight loss is not an overnight process. Many people struggle with this therapy even when they know that it's the main solution that can help them.

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Sleep Apnea Cures Are Available Now – Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Millions of people are searching for the best sleep apnea cures. This condition may be more common that you think. It is a disorder that occurs when one's breathing pauses, stops or is reduced for a few seconds to as long as a few minutes. It happens more frequently with adults but also occurs in children, although more rarely. There are three different types: central, obstructive and mixed or complex. Central (CSA) occurs when the brain does not signal your diaphragm muscles to contract so you can actually breathe. Obstructive (OSA) takes place when proper air flow is not maintained as when the airway in the throat becomes blocked, narrowed or floppy. Mixed or complex is a combination of both central and obstructive. Breathing pauses can occur as often as five to thirty times within an hour. OSA is by far the most common type, followed by complex and most rarely CSA.

Here are the symptoms that you or the people around you may experience: noisy snoring, choking, gasping for air during sleep, sleepiness in the daytime, breathing puses, headaches in the morning, insomnia, frequent bathroom visits, loss of concentration, restlessness, easily irritated and mood swings. You are in greater risk if you are among the following: male, above the age of 65, overweight, smoker, of black, Spanish and / or Pacific Islander ancestry and especially if you have a family history of the disorder.

Common Symptoms and Sleep Apnea Cures
If you are suffering from this kind of sleeping disorder and are looking for the best sleep apnea cures, these treatments may be effective for you:

  1. Losing weight is a commonly recommended natural cure and can be an effective treatment for OSA. When one gains weight, fat often accumulates in the neck, and that fat tissue can obstruct your air passes making it difficult to breathe. Individuals with a neck size greater than 17 inches are at greater risk. Losing weight has many overall health benefits and can often cure this condition.
  2. Smoking increases inflammations and also promotes fluid retention in your throat that could interfere with breathing. Also, many of the contents in cigarettes are stimulants and actually work to keep you awake. Again, stopping smoking has unhealthy health benefits in addition to helping treat this condition.
  3. Sleeping pills, sedatives and alcohol increase your chance of suffering this sleep disorder as they relax the muscles and interfere with normal breathing. In addition, they can also retard your muscles reactivity to signals from your brain.
  4. Refrain from heavy meals and caffeine a few hours before bedtime as they can cause sleeping difficulties and add to your suffering.
  5. Got to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Regular sleeping habits improve your sleep and can reduce the occurrence of symptoms.
  6. Elevate your head when sleeping so that your airwaves are kept open. When you lie flat on your back, your jaw and tongue can slide back into the upset disrupted normal air flow. Sleeping on your side can also effectively reduce the incidence of blocked airways that are characteristic of this type of sleep disorder.
  7. Try melatonin, the herb flower Vervain (also called Verbena) or the 5-HTP amino acid. These may calm the brain and relax you so you can sleep more soundly.
  8. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP machines are an extremely common and effective approach for sleep apnea cures. By delivering air under pressure through a mask, the sufferer's airways remain open during breathing, thereby preventing the blockages that cause this condition.
  9. Surgery may be a last option if your condition is severe or at its chronic stage. There are a variety of surgical options. For some sufferers, surgery may be performed to remove the excess tissue in the nose or throat to create a wider air passage. Surgery to realign the jaw can also be effective. Lastly, a tracheotomy can also be performed to completely bypass the blocked airways. Surgery is generally a last option so consult with a sleep expert before surgery to determine the best sleep apnea cure for you.

Sleep Apnea Cures That Work for You
If you suspect you or a loved one has sleep apnea, the first step is to see a physician. He may order a Polysomnography or sleep study to accurately diagnose the condition. Once properly diagnosed, a physician can determine the most effective sleep apnea treatment . Not only will these treatments help your sleeping, they may also promote better overall health and energy. There are many treatment options available so no one has to suffer in vain any longer.

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How to Stop Snoring the Natural and Healthy Way

Snoring is often the butt of unkind jokes, and like many sleep disorders it can be hard for the non-sufferer to empathize. However for people with a severe problem, it can be incredibly disruptive, to multiple aspects of health and wellbeing, from rest to relationships.

Often people are driven to real desperation to find a solution, including surgery to the soft palate. But surgery and anesthesia are not without risks of many kinds, and as the specific cause underlying the snoring problem is strictly identified clearly beforehand, the outcomes are highly variable. For many, pain, risk and recovery time associated with carefully combating the upper respiratory system can end up bringing little or no long-term relief.

Others experiment with various devices, worn on the nose or in the mouth, which seeks to realign the angle of the jaw and open up the throat and airways. For some this can be effective in a functional way, but for a lot of users the qualitative cost is just too high. They are uncomfortable to wear, or do not stay put in the mouth – causing waking that is more disruptive than the snoring in the first place. And for those seeking a solution because of the impact on an intimate relationship … well, a mouthful of plastic is hard a great aid to romance.

Before going down this route, many patients would have been better advised to seek non-surgical options, such as exercise. Many exercises developed in other fields are useful to snorers, including those used by voice therapists and singing trainers: these people work professionally to help their clients open up their airways and release the tensions and blocks which can force the breath through unnaturally constricted openings. They do not take long to perform, but need to be done absolutely correctly, and often involve producing unusual sounds. For many these sounds will be pleasanter than the sounds they produce over and over again through the night, and once the tones are mastered they are easily memorized and repeated.

The multiple of small muscles at the back of the throat and in the nasal passages respond really well to this approach, and over relatively short time period – a few short weeks – the muscles can be lifted and tightened, completely naturally and safely, offering a long term solution to a problem that may have persisted for years. Before embarking on any medical or surgical assistance to ease a snoring problem, it is well worth just trying the exercise route – it offers no risk whatsoever, and can bring results in as little as three weeks time.

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Getting the Best Sleep Involves Having a Decent Mattress

The Best Sleep
Most people commit around a third of their lives sleep, therefore it seems sensible to have the most pleasurable bed you really can afford. Follow our guide to help get the best choice for you.

Size matters
In a normal double bed, the actual sleeping space per person is just 2 ft 3 “- about as much as a child gets in a cot.

That's precisely why it's so beneficial to shop for the biggest bed within your budget and will fit in your bedroom; a king size needs to be the bare minimum (5ft).

The most suitable mattress
Picking out mattresses is generally overpowing but it's fundamental to try all sorts before deciding which is perfect for you. In the event you share a bed, it is best to go shopping together with each other but take some time! The two main styles of mattress: sprung (with interior springs for support) or non-sprung (made out of various types of foam).

Top tip
When you share your bed, you'll want to be in a position to lay next to each other along with your arms behind your head, elbows out, without coming in contact with the other person.

Within the sprung category, you'll find open coil / open sprung, continuous sprung and pocket sprung, the last of which can be typically found in top quality beds.
Non-sprung foam mattresses made out of natural latex or visco elastic (memory foam) offer great support and smooth contours to your body's shape.

Top tip
If storage is an issue, opt for a divan with built-in drawers. Storage is still an option with a bedstead but use compact storage chests to keep clutter at a minimum.

Divan or bedstead?
It's down to personal preference when it comes to choosing between a divan and a bedsstead. A divan can provide useful storage and extra attributes which help with comfort and support. If you can afford it, fully sprung divans are better than those with solid or platform tops since they have a like shock absorber.

A bedstead allows you to have a bit more individual and may set the theme or style of your bedroom. Made from an array of different materials such as timber, leather and metal, the bedstead supports the mattress through a series of rigid or flexible slats. Whether you choose a divan or a bedstead, be sure your mattress is designed to go with it, and never put a new mattress on an old divan!

Top tip
For an antique bedstead, take advice from a reliable retailer about the best mattress to use with it.

The perfect bedding
The last components of a perfect bed are the pillow and bedlinen. Pillows are now made from a number of materials including feather, duck-down, goose-down, synthetic fibers and foam, but the choice is dependent on personal preference. If you use a duvet, choose the right tog for the season: for instance, a 7.5 tog for spring / summer and a 13.5 tog for autumn / winter.

There's also a wide range of non-allergenic duvets and pillows available which may help asthma and allergy sufferers. Finally, choose bedlinen made from soft, sumptuous fabrics to add color and pattern to the room and make your bed as comfortable as possible.

Getting a good night's sleep
The Sleep Council recommends observing the four Rs for optimum sleep. Try to keep regular times for getting up and going to bed. Get into a bedtime routine to help you wind down, for instance by having a hot drink or a bath. Keep your bedroom restful and make sure you have the right bed.

Visit the best bed shops website at for more tips.

Top tip
Position your bed on the wall facing the door so that you see it straight away when you walk in the room.

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Fatal Insomnia

This deadly disease is known to be a prion disease. Prions are rogue proteins in the body that lack the right genetic material. They are produced through an erroneous folding behavior, making the proteins mutate in the process. Now, these prions directly attack the thalamus of the brain, which is the part that is responsible for the sleep regulation of a person. Typically, members of the family who have inherited this disease will see symptoms between ages 30-60.

Stages of Fatal Familial Insomnia

There are four stages in Fatal Familial Insomnia:
1st Stage – The person will experience sudden insomnia attacks. These insomnia attacks come with phobias and panic attacks. This stage can last around 4 months.

2nd Stage – The second stage is characterized by extreme sweating and hallucinations. These symptoms are thought about by the deep psychological trauma that is plaguing the mind of the person. The person will undergo these symptoms for at least 5 months.

3rd Stage – After 9 months, the person is now under total insomnia. He / she will be losing weight quickly. The person will also start to lose control over his bodily functions. One may notice that a person who is already in this stage looks very drained, tired and haggard. The person will experience this stage for 3 months.

4th Stage – During this stage, the person is already undergoing dementia as well. Dementia is the complete loss of any cognitive ability and intelligence. The person will be able to speak and will ever die. The person will suffer for at least 6 months in this stage before dying from fatal insomnia.

Symptoms of Fatal Familial Insomnia
The earlier symptom of this disease is the gradual decrease in sleeping time. If the person normally sleeps for 8 hours a day, he will notice that his sleep may only last for an hour or he may not be able to sleep at all. Once a person is deprived of sleep, he will immediately feel tired, weak and mentally and physically exhausted. Once a victim is already suffering from this, it will be impossible to avoid hallucinations and panic attacks since the mind and body is not functioning properly anymore.

Friends and relatives of people who suffer from fatal insomnia can not really do anything about it. Typically, this gene has a 50% chance of being inherited if the parents have it as well. Symptoms will only unravel once the person has already reached childbearing age and once the gene has already been passed on to an offspring.

Treatment for Fatal Familial Insomnia
Currently, there is still no known treatment for this disease. Some doctors recommend doing gene therapy but so far, it has been unsuccessful as well. Although reversing the effects of this disease is already impossible, there are still some treatments to help improve the symptoms of fatal insomnia.

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Amino Acids and Sleep

Sleep -wether it's sleeping like a baby or sleeping like a rock, we all need it, often crave it, and in some cases, chase it. In a world of high stress jobs, hectic schedules and too little time to get things done, is it really any wonder some of us find sleep elusive?

For too many people, instead of waking from a restful night's sleep each morning fully rejuvenated, they stumble out of bed, tired and drained from either struggling to get to sleep, waking for long periods during the night or both. Too many nights without decent sleep and you end up exhausted and unable to function normally. Sometimes something needs to be done and help is thought.

If you thought a lack of sleep was a big enough problem, just wait until you start taking pharmaceutical sleep aids. While you will initially get some much needed sleep, most sleeping pills are addictive, despite the manufacturer's claims to the contrary. But if there was a way to beat insomnia without the use of addictive drugs, would you try it? And if it was not covered or recognized as a form of treatment from your health insurance, would you still be interested?

The answer to your sleep problems could be easier than you think, and it all starts in the kitchen. Regardless of what doctors and pharmaceutical companies tell you, nutrition plays an important role in your ability to fall sleep and stay sleep. While most of us know good nutrition is vital for good health, few of us understand the role vitamins and minerals play in all aspects of our health and well-being.

In addition to restricting caffeine, alcohol and nicotine, exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet, amino acids have been found to improve your body's ability to sleep. Better known for their ability to build and repair muscle tissue, amino acids also assist with digestion, mood control, concentration and sleep.

Of the eight essential amino acids needed by the body to maintain health, two in particular (L-Tryptophan and L-Theanine) play vital role in helping you sleep. L-Tryptophan is involved in controlling aggression and allowing the body to relax. A dose of 100mg (often taken as 5-HTP or 5-Hydroxy Tryptophan) is often enough to help an adult to reach a point of relaxation where sleep can occur. Combining this with 100mg of L-Theanine at bed time can greatly improve the quality of sleep you experience. Another amino acid, GABA, can be used in conjuction with L-Tryptophan and L-Theanine if necessary, but is not always effective.

It is worth researching the use of amino acids to assist with sleep if you suffer from insomnia as they are a more affordable, non-addictive alternative to many other sleep aids on the market. By improving the quality of protein rich foods in your diet, exercising regularly and taking the above supplements, you may find yourself finally achieving that elusive state called sleep!

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Can Somnavox Cure Insomnia?

Are you tired of dealing with sleepless nights? You probably thought that after your baby slept through the night so would you. Or maybe you are so stressed during the day that it has started to interrupt your sleep patterns.

There have been countless nights that I have laid awake, my brain churning through information so fast I was unable to relax. Somnavox is a new sleeping pill that claims to help you relax at night so you are able to sleep peacefully all through the night.

The Somnavox formula is unique when compared to other formulas. Whereas most sleeping pills cause you to wake up feeling groggy Somnavox says that it produces a natural high and brings about feelings of “intense euphoria.” They also claim that Somnavox is unique because it can help to reduce pain and soreness that may be preventing you from sleeping soundly.

What's In Somnavox?

Somnavox advertes that it has the most powerful sleep and anxiety ingredients available. They do seem to have a powerful formula but will it work even for those who struggle with sleep the most?

The full list of ingredients for Somnavox is as follows: vitamin B6, magnesium aspartate, zinc, melatonin, phenibut, valerian root, L-theanine, poppy seed extract, humulus lupus, california poppy extract, passion flower extract, red wine extract, chamomile , magnolia bark, skullcap, lemon balm, wild lettuce, and lavender.

Most of these ingredients are easily recognizable in sleeping pills. Somnavox looks to relly on the tested and proven ingredients to promote sleep.

Melatonin is a hormone that is used in most sleeping pills because it typically regulates the sleep-wake cycle. When it starts to get dark out or you start your bedtime routine melatonin is released. Adding melatonin to a sleeping pill just ensures that it is working properly and will allow for restful sleep.

Another common ingredient is chamomile which can be used to promote sleep and reduce anxiety. Many people actually use chamomile tea as a relaxant before bed.

With so many calming ingredients you should not have trouble falling asleep. Are you going to wake up groggy?

Somnavox claims this is not an issue because they also provide some nutrients that are known to increase energy levels during the day. Because this is done naturally it should not influence sleep. And since Somnavox works with your body to promote sleep it is also provided to help you naturally wake up.

Reasons for sleep problems vary greatly. You may have difficulty sleeping because your mind is racing, your body is not regulating sleep hormones, or you are in pain.

The ingredients in Somnavox may help to reduce main making sleep easier to come by. The California poppy seed extract, wild lettuce, and humulus lupus are each known to reduce pain. You also get antioxidant power with the inclusion of red wine extract.

Is Somnavox Safe?

Safety is probably a big concern when you are looking for a sleeping pill. Somnavox has been shown to be safe and is even provided to eliminate the side effects you might experience while using other products.

Somnavox has quite a list of ingredients that are known to be beneficial for reducing pain and increasing the quality of sleep. Many sleeping pills cause you to wake up groggy but using Somnavox pasts against that. And since it works with your body it is known to be safe.

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What’s Inside Your Pillow?

Have you ever gotten a nice fluffy pillow that turns flat inside weeks or lumpy and uncomfortable? It's all about what is inside the pillow. There are many different kinds of fillers that offer different degrees of support. The filler, or inside of the pillow will determine the shape, structure, and comfort of the product. Because the main purpose of a body pillow or pregnancy pillow is to support one's sleep position and provide numerous health benefits the filler is essential. Traditional fillers are made from foam, synthetic material or feathers which become flat and shapeless offering little support or comfort. Recent advances have developed many kinds of fillers as discussed below.

Synthetic Polyfil Fiber is a traditional polyester fiber and formulated to provide a quality feel unlike most cost effective pillow fillers. This filler will keep its shape and structure but does not conform like other fillers nor provide the degree of support that other can.

Synthetic Down Fiber is a cluster fiber filler approx. the size of a “pea” that works together with other fiber clusters in the pillow to provide a more flexible product. The cluster fiber can be hand manipulation to soften certain areas, like the head area, to your desired support. The cluster fiber also molds most effectively to the body's natural curves

Synthetic Microfiber is a Microfiber that optimally conforms to the body and is silky and very soft. The Microfiber can be hand manipulation to soften certain areas, like the head area, to your desired support. The Microfiber molds most effectively to the body's natural curves.

Natural Down is the down feathers of a goose. This is a popular, natural filler that offers exceptional support. Down feathers can be packed to offer a soft, fluffy sensation to a firm, sense feel. They regain their shape after use and last a lifetime.

Memory Foam is a unique material developed by NASA. Memory foam actually reforms after use and which allows it to really conform to your body's shape and weight bearing areas and certainly support any sleep position. It is also temperature sensitive, which means that at lower temperatures it is firmer and at higher temperatures it is softer and more conforming.

You do not have to sleep with a flat pillow anymore. With so many kinds of pillow fillers you can find the kind of support you need and the body pillow or pregnancy pillow that is right for you. Remember, it's all about the filler.

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Surprising Sleep Facts

Let's focus on a topic near and dear to everyone's heart: sleep! Everyone knows that most people are not getting the recommended 8-9 hours per night, and a simple search will turn up millions of articles regarding the role sleep plays in your health and well being. We're going to try to share some surprising facts that you might not know.

• Sleep helps you to learn new things. Your brain is unexpectedly active while you're sleeping, helping to assimilate new facts and ideas and make new mental connections in a process called “consolidation.” Remember those all-nighters you pulled the night before a big test? Some research suggests that your time might have been better spent closing your eyes and letting your subconscious process the information.

• Your friend that insists he only needs 5 hours a night? Not likely. According to Daniel J. Buysse of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the people who are truly “short sleepers” and can thrive on just a few hours are few and far between, about 2% of the population. The rest of us that survive on such a small amount of sleep greatly increase our risk of diabetes, heart disease, and many other health problems.

• Sleep can curl infection, reducing your risk for arthritis, joint pain, stroke, and heart disease.

• Writer's block? Sleep can stimulate creativity by restructuring your memories and strengthening their emotional components.

• Are your children hyperactive? Although it seems counterintuitive, this could certainly be due to lack of sleep. While adults get fatigued, children tend get hyper.

• Trying to lose weight? Researchers at the University of Chicago found those dieters who were well rested lose more fat – 56 percent of their weight loss – than those who were sleep deprived, who lost more muscle mass. (They shed similar amounts of total weight regardless of sleep.)

Troubled sleep is definitely one of the most common concerns heard at an alternative medicine office. A good practitioner will treat each person differently, as there are many different causes of poor sleep. A person with “busy brain,” who can not stop thinking and stressing about the day's events long enough to fall sleep will be treated very differently from a person who falls sleep easily but wakes up three or four times during the night. As always, alternative medicine strides to treat the root cause of your sleep troubles, helping you to be refreshed, balanced, and ready tackle anything life has to offer.

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Insomnia in Women

Having sleeping problems is no joke as it really affects the performance and well-being of a person. Thus, it will be best to determine the possible causes of this sleeping problem and discuss the available solutions that can help prevent the situation from getting worse.

Causes of insomnia in women
Insomnia is not just about difficulty sleeping at night, but it can also be about waking up too early in the morning causing the person not to get enough rest. Here are the main causes why insomnia is common in women:

Hormonal Changes – There are events in a woman's life that can cause her body's hormone level to change drastically, such as during menstruation period, pregnancy and menopause.

Insomnia has been known to occur more often during menstruation because progesterone, a hormone that promotes sleep, decreases during menstruation, leading to insomnia.

During pregnancy, progesterone levels also change, especially during the first and last trimester, which can interrupt the woman's normal sleep patterns.

During menopause, the level of hormones in the body is intensely fluctuating. Insomnia during menopause could be due to a lot of factors, such as anxiety, sweating, psychological distress and hot flashes.

After Pregnancy – After a woman gives birth, her body's hormone level changes drastically as the body goes back to the pre-pregnancy state. Aside from that, having a newborn baby to look after and to take care can be stressful to some, which can cause them to experience insomnia.

Stress – insomnia in women can also be caused by a busy and worrisome lifestyle. Women who are under stress are also more prone to experiencing insomnia. Stressful events may include loss of a loved one, separation, divorce, unemployment, exam preparation, among many others.

Treating insomnia in women
Despite all the worries and stress, it is always best to prioritize rest and sleep. With this said, here are some of the solutions that can help treat insomnia:

Reduce stress levels – Stress is one of the main causes of insomnia in women and this should be reduced at all cost. Go out and have dinner with friends after a long day at work or take a short vacation with the family. Exercising also helps the body relax and feel re-energized. Other ways of reducing stress levels is through meditation and listening to relaxing music.

Take magnesium supplements – Magnesium is said to calm the brain, which will help in relieving sleeping problems. If you are suffering from insomnia, your doctor may advise you to take magnesium supplements or to eat foods that are high in magnesium, like soybeans and almonds.

Women are more prone to developing insomnia than men. If you think that you are suffering from insomnia, it is best to consult your doctor at once.

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What Is Memory Foam in Foam Toppers?

You have probably heard about Memory Foam from everywhere, and it is not a wonder for the memory foam is one of the most regularly chosen mattresses and pillows. That's because the foam has is well-liked due to its many great features.

The Memory Foam is made out of polyurethane together with some ingredients that will heighten its density as well as viscosity. What happens is that when you lie down on it, your body heat will cause a reaction to the foam and soften it. The foam will then mold itself to accommodate the warm body within minutes. There is a type of foam with a lower density that is sensitive to pressure. What happens is t hat the foam will mold immediately to the body's shape when you press against it, and then when you remove the pressure it will go right back to its original shape.

A mattress that is made out of foam is usually denser compared to other mattresses. It is heavier but it provides the right amount of support.

The foam as a mattress is definitely not cheap, which is probably the largest reason as to why some people do not have it. If you want to enjoy the comforts that the memory foam mattress provides without having to buy an actual memory foam mattress, then you can take advantage of a memory foam topper. It will give you the same luxurious coziness that a foam mattress can provide, but you do not need to burn a hole through your pocket for it, since mattress toppers are generally much less expensive compared to an entire mattress.

The memory foam as a mattress topper would still have the same features as that of the mattress because it would still mold itself to the body. It will provide total comfort by minimizing the possibility of uneasy tossing and turning during sleep.

The memory foam is known to have a chemical odor that is often irritable. However, the good news is that there are many foam manufacturers that have mattress toppers that are anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.

Many people who have foam mattresses often complain that the material usually absorbs the heat from the body and this would result to overheating while they are sleep. This is othersome and you should be taken into consideration when you are out shopping for your memory foam topper. Look for the kind that would let the material “breathe” and keep the body refreshed and cool while sleeping. One example would be the foam mattress topper with the egg crate design that produces air pockets in order for the foam to be able to breathe.

Memory foam mattress toppers have proven themselves to be durable, but it is not resistant to damage. You can look for a topper that has a warranty or a set trial time if sturdiness is a priority to you. Getting a foam mattress topper for yourself is a great investment that will give you the comfort and a good night's sleep.

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How to Choose the Right Mattress Topper for You

Choosing the best mattress topper from the many brands available right now is a wise move as you attempt to obtain a quality sleep surface. Many people just like yourself are currently experiencing a lot of trouble when sleeping and one of the major reasons for this is the inability of their current mattress to provide them a proper level of comfort. If you are one of those who are experience sleeping problems and you feel that your mattress is the main reason why you are having such sleep problems, then you need to find a way to get yourself a more comfortable sleeping surface; one which is not too soft or too firm for your personal tastes. By finding the best mattress topper, you will be increasing your chances of obtaining a comfortable and fully rested night of sleep.

In your search for the best toppers available right now, it is very important for you to familiarize yourself with the many modern types of topper and mattress pad available in the market. You should start by becoming familiar with the different types of toppers so that you can choose the sleep surface which best suits your specific needs. Among the most popular types of mattress pad and topper are the latex toppers, memory foam toppers, down mattress toppers, wool toppers and cotton toppers. By obtaining as much information as you can about these various types of mattress pads, you will know exactly which one will work to your greatest advantage and best night of sleep!

Once you have chosen the specific type of mattress topper that meets your personal needs, the next step is determining the accurate size of the topper that you can ensure a proper fit on your bed. When it comes to these measurements, you have to keep in mind that there are actually mattress pad brands out there that do not strictly follow the standard mattress sizes (King, Queen, Full, Twin, Single and so forth). Because of this, we advise that you to measure the dimensions of your bed instead of assuming the real size of your bed. By doing this, you will be able to purchase a topper which is has just the right fit – not too small so as to slide off your mattress or too big for your bed frame.

When shopping for the best mattress toppers available, it is also important for you to seek a pad that is thick enough to add comfort to your current bed. The pad should be thick enough to prevent the bed from further deterioration. Almost any pad you could possibly find will meet this requirement, but still, be aware. Another note on thickness is that sometimes a mattress topper can be manufactured as extra thick (think 6 inches) in order to inflate the price. In the case of a memory foam topper, 4 inches should be plenty. You can also go for those that are two inches thick as they often times are every bit as comfortable as the thicker models while also ensuring that you do not spend too much money for your topper.

Finally, it is important for you to shop around for the best brands. You should be able to read reviews about the different brands so you will be able to deal with the most legitimate manufacturers who will offer you the highest quality and as a result, the best night of sleep. When you find a company that offers a mattress topper at a good price and with a good warranty period you will know you have found the right company to order from. Finally, you will get the chance to enjoy a very relaxing night of sleep, every night.

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The Importance of a Good Night’s Rest and What You Can Do Cheaply to Improve Your Sleep

For many of those who are very busy with their lives, it is still important to know that you have to improve your sleep habits because lack of sleep will definitely create a negative impact on your daily performance.

Improve your sleep and you will find that it will greatly benefit you. It is very important to get a good night's rest because of many reasons.

Improve your sleep to reduce stress.

– There are many stress factors that can cause you to feel anxiety, discomfort and many other negative emotions. When you are stressed, you will feel uneasy and this will cause your blood pressure to rise and heighten your risk for cardiovascular diseases.

– Stress keeps you from sleeping. Your mind will be so full of ideas and concerns that it keeps your body from relaxing and falling into sleep.

– There are many cheap ways on how you can get a good night's rest by de-stressing. One tip is to learn about the various techniques that will enable you to relax. There are many relaxing techniques such as breathing exercises that can be found online.

Improve your sleep to boost your memory.

– The human brain never stops, even while you are asleep. Many researchers have observed that memory consolidation takes place while the body is asleep. This process involves the brain making links, connecting feelings, sensory input, memories and events together. The better the quality of sleep one gets, the more likely that one's memory improves, enabling the mind to remember and sort out thought processes much better.

– If you are unable to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep due to your hectic schedule, then the next best thing that you can do is to take naps during the day. Naps can be refreshing and can improve your work performance. Stress levels will be lowered and your memory and mood will improve.

Improve your sleep and let the body make repairs.

– Every day, your body gets exposed to many harmful elements such as the UV rays of the sun, injuries caused by accidents and, of course, stress. When you are sleeping, your cells' protein molecules will be able to better repair the damage.

Cheap ways on how to improve your sleep:

  • Set a fixed, regular bedtime.
  • Set an alarm for you to wake up at the same hour each day.
  • Make sure that your bedroom is conducive for sleeping.
  • The environment should be dark and cool.
  • Your bed should be comfortable and should only be reserved for sleeping (ie do not do paper work on your bed)
  • You can try listening to soft music or take a warm bath before bed to relax.

Improve your sleep by investing in a comfortable mattress. If a high quality mattress is beyond your budget, a great alternative would be a high quality mattress topper which will provide similar ease and comfort but at a fraction of the cost.

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Obstructive Sleep Apnea Sufferers – These 5 Home Remedies Will Help You Dominate Sleep Apnea Easily!

The vast majority of people know only CPAP as the only solution! It's a fact when it comes to obstructive sleep apnea treatments. What they do not know is there are many other effective treatments that can help them dominate that illness.

The below 5 home therapies are just some of those effective methods. But if you apply them successfully to your situation, you can improve your condition significantly. So, let's take a closer look.

1) Applying Yoga and breathing exercises:

Nothing beats Yoga when it comes to breathing for curing illnesses!

One of the fundamental breathing technique that will help is Pranayama. It's very effective in treating snoring and reducing sleep apnea symptoms. Moreover, Yoga and breathing exercises can be valuable allies if you want to lose weight as part of your curing process.

Yoga experts show us that to take this technique to its maximum potential, you should practice it regularly before going to bed. By doing so, you can experience a sounder sleep than before.

2) Gargling with warm salt water:

One of the most common reason that leads to obstructive sleep apnea is enlarged tonsil.

When your tonsil is large enough, it can block your airway entirely while sleeping. Gargling with one cup of warm salt water twice everyday can shrink the tonsil thus improving your breathing activity.

3) Using herbal remedies:

Like many other natural solutions, using herbs to cure sleep apnea is possible.

Many people claim that they've successfully cured themselves from sleep apnea using herbs. However, for a specific instruction, you should consult your doctor or herbal specialist.

Herbs like vervain (a kind of flower) can help. Dry form of this herb can be made into tea for easy absorption. And this tea can help you feel more relaxed and calm down your sleep apnea.

4) Taking healthy and specific kinds of foods:

When it comes to treating sleep apnea without CPAP, you should be aware of how a healthy meal can affect your condition.

Taking a healthy meal with more vegetable and less fat will help you noticeably. Not only it will reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea but also help you in losing weight.

Some special foods like walnut can be a helpful ally. Consume a bowl of walnut everyday can help you recover from this illness gradually. Others like ginger juice or wild yam can speed up the curing process as well!

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Natural Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment: How to Cure Your Sleep Apnea Without Touching Your CPAP!

There is an old saying. It says the best obstructive sleep apnea treatment is using a CPAP. But there is a fact that says most people who have tried to use the machine find it more painful than helpful.

Why? Because CPAP makes your bed time unpleasant. No one wants to go to bed with a mask on their faces. And the simple fact is CPAP machines can cause serious facial skin problems.

So what are the possibilities of treating your sleep apnea without the “help” of your CPAP? If that question is flying around in your mind, you'll feel delightful that we have many other ways. To name some of them:

1) Changing your sleep positions:

As you know, the main reason why you have hard time breathing sleeping is your airways getting blocked by soft tissues inside your throat.

And when you sleep on your back, it worsens the situation. The solution is simple, do not sleep on your back. Instead, sleeping on your sides will bring better results.

Simply put some tennis balls into a sock and it on your back. Then sleep on your sides. It will prevent you from flipping up sleeping on your back.

Or another simple way is to elevate your head up to 30 degrees while sleeping. This will open up your airway and prevent the lax muscles from collapsing together.

2) Changing your lifestyles:

I do not know how to stress on this subject properly. But you just need to know that if you're living an unhealthy lifestyle, you're reinforcing your sleep apnea much!

I'm talking about smoking like crazy, absorbing alcohol and caffeine like a maniac, and refusing to lose some extra pounds when you know it helps!

I know how hard it is to keep staying awake when you're constantly in daytime sleepiness. But just do not solve the problem from the top of the tree. It's time to focus on its root causes.

Quit smoking now. It kills! Do not use alcohol and sedative drugs before bed time. And it's time to face your weight loss program courageously, it helps!

3) Trying natural therapies such as acupuncture:

It sounds “weird,” does not it?

Using some “needles” to cure your obstructive sleep apnea? Yet it's true. And many clinical tests and experiments proved its usefulness!

If you're interested in Eastern cultures, you will know that they use nothing but herbs and ancient techniques to fight diseases. They believe that your body has energy and many “critical points.” And when those areas get stuck, you will face illnesses.

They will place the problems on your strategic points to release your positive energy. By doing so, your body will gradually recover from illness!

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