Did Shaq Retire Because of Sleep Apnea?

Shaquille O'Neal recently let the world know he has sleep apnea. He shared his experience of testing and evaluating it with the world on You Tube. A month later he is announcing his retirement from professional sports. Is it possible that the long term effects of sleep apnea have caused him to feel he has come to the end of his career sooner than he could have? Did his poor sleep from traveling and changing time zones add to the problems he was already having?

Sleep is important to everyone but for an athlete it is an essential part of training. Getting slow wave sleep is where the body releases its growth hormone and heals itself. This deep sleep occurs during the first third of the night. If, like Shaq, you stop breathing 20-39 times an hour it becomes impossible for the body to reach this portion of sleep. Add to the inability the stress of his oxygen dropping through the night so he is unable to give enough oxygen to his muscles and you do not get fed. Finally add the stress all this lack of sleep on the body as a whole will keep his body from healing properly.

Shaq also lived a life that kept him from having good sleep hygiene. Traveling and the constant change of time would cause issues with his ability to go to sleep and wake up. The body works best when it has a routine and with constant changes not only of time but also the light that stimulates the brain to help regulate the body rhythm can make the brains capable to shut down difficult.

If Shaq had actually treated his sleep apnea earlier it might have helped improve his health significantly. As this stress works on the body it contributes to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and current research has even linked it to certain types of cancer. The body needs rest to recover and it needs rest to reboot our brain and help with our short term memory. When we do not get this solid rest we pay a price with out health. Although Shaq has played professional ball for 19 years he may have been able to go that 20th season if he had just rested a little better.

What lessons can we learn from this in our own lives? We should listen to our bodies. Snoring and fatigue are not normal. They are signs that should be listened to and discussed with your doctor. If you live alone and do not know if you snore but have other health issues such as high blood pressure or diabetes that are not improving even on medication you might want to ask your doctor about sleep apnea. You might also think that sleep apnea is just for those who are overweight, this is not the case. You can be any size or shape and have sleep apnea. It is more about how your airway is built then how much fat you carry on your body.

Overall sleep is important to your health and if you get a good night sleep each night you will find that your health and your energy levels should improve.

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Recurring Dreams – What Are They Trying To Tell Us?

More often than not our dreams are a random and difficult-to interpret jumble of images and themes, which are typically a challenge to even remember the following day, never mind derive meaning and sense from.

Sometimes though we notice patterns – dream elements that recur over and over, sometimes in varying terms but noticeably recurrent. For example, you might have a dream that you are sitting in the back of a car and suddenly notice there is no driver present and you have to seize control somehow. Another night you might dream you are on a flight and the pilot is taken ill, for some reason it falls to you to take the cockpit and sort things out.

Complicely different scenarios, but with the same underlying theme, about reluctantly forced responsibility and a necessity to get a grip of a situation and take control. This one is pretty easy to unpick and relate to something going on in your life, such as a situation in which you feel a lack of control or boundaries, or it could be a metaphor for a responsibility being avoided – such as a decision you have have been putting off making, or a commitment that maybe you are ambivalent towards or feel forced into.

Other recurrent dream situations are much harder to interpret, but the important thing is to notice them and be open to them. Because, it's easy to forget in their apparent randomness, dreams are the messengers from your own subconscious mind. So often our minds do contain the answers, they just are not accessible to the conscious, ego part of it – which is why we worry and fret during the waking day, and then dream about it at night. If a dream is occurring, there is a reason for this, and these needs reflecting on and some long hard analysis, in order to relate the dream scenario to something tangible in our conscious lives. Sometimes external intervention in the shape of an analyst or counselor can be helpful with this, and at other times the penny can drop much more easily once the two sides of our mind – the conscious thoughts and subconcious dream messages – are separately compared and reconciled.

Of course our dreams may not provide a direct answer, such as in the 'take control' example above – they could simply be a signpost, that this is an area you need to focus on or stop avoiding, or pay more conscious waking attention to . But sometimes the answer is contained within the dream itself, once all the different elements are mapped out and understood thoroughly. Remembering and recording is the first thing, as then the patterns and recurrence areas are vividly clear … and once you make sense of the messages within, you'll find a more peaceful and contented state of mind awaits.

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Sleep Apnea Cures Do Not Have to Be Uncomfortable!

You snore. There's nothing wrong with that; many people snore. However, a lot of folks do not realize that they snore for a medical reason. It's called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and not only does it prevent those around you from getting a good night's sleep, it can make your own sleep less restful. The medical community has a nice list of sleep apnea cures, but many of them are uncomfortable or ineffective, and some cures are both. The good news for you (and the person in bed with you at night) is that you have many different options to help ease the sleep apnea symptoms.

One of the most widely-prescribed sleep apnea treatments for people diagnosed with this sleep disorder is a CPAP mask. This is a pressurized system that helps keep your airway from being restricted while you sleep. This does the trick for some patients but let's face it – while OSA interrupts your rest, trying to sleep with a tight, noisy mask on your face.

There's also a surgical option, where your air passage is modified to help prevent its blockage while you sleep. As you can imagine, surgery is not the most comfortable plan when it can be avoided, and in this case surgery does not even have a decent success rate.

Try to sleep like a scuba diver, or have a costly surgery that's not guaranteed to help one bit. Not the best options in the world, are they?

What most people do not realize is that there are more than just those two options in the world of sleep apnea cures. In fact, there are at least seven alternative treatments that are much more attractive than trying to sleep in a tight CPAP mask that makes you sound like Darth Vader.

For example, are you overweight? Obesity is a leading cause of OSA, which means that a simple weight loss plan can not only improve your overall health and give you more energy, it can also help ease the effects of sleep apnea, which gives you even more of an energy boost once you start enjoying a solid night's restful sleep.

There are many different cures available to you. Within a couple of months of finding the alternative cure that works best for you, you could have the best night's sleep you've had in a long time. The trick is to find your sleep apnea cure and change your life!

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The Secret Berber Cure for Snoring

'Ah, Sir, do you require a cure for snoring?' The twinkly-eyed elderly Berber man asked suddenly. For some reason his quiet voice transported, cutting through the din of mopeds, shouts, donkeys, horns and endless entreaties to visit a succession of retail concessions, and penetrated our tired stupor as we sentered for a moment from the piercing sun.

Footsore and weary after a day tramping the souks of Marrakech, we replaced a glance, then followed the stooped and ancient gentleman through some dark drapes into his veritable Aladdin's Cave of a shop. After all, I thought, spices are the only thing I actually set out to buy in the first place, so it might as well be here.

Half an hour and two refreshing mint teas later, we had enjoyed an extensive tour of historical and traditional remedies and cosmetics, from argan oil to frankincence. The history of the spice trade and the wealth of the ancient sultans, developing as it had in a semi-desert climate, made everything from digestive cures to compellingly aromatic perfumed oils a delicate and specialist creative art. A glorious blend of east meeting west, north meeting south, and here the wisdom of the ages had combined to create solutions to every malady or social problem. But it was obvious my partner's long-ago broken nose had suggested sinuses full of scar tissue, and the snoring problem he had suffered from for nearly two decades. Kudos to our perceptive host, and I was happy that he should be the one to have our Dirhams for the oils and spice blends I wanted to take home with me.

And the Berber cure for snoring? It turned out to be nigella seeds. I'd encountered these pungent dark nibs in masalas before, but not pharmaceutically. However, it was demonstrated, when twisted into a pinch of fine cloth and rubbed firmly and briskly between the palms, they gave off a pungent odor, which I could well envision being a powerful decongestant. Inhaled deeply into each nostril in turn, I can imagine it would have significant benefits, for anyone who's snoring was temporary as a result of a sinus infection or allergic reaction. And, as our host pointed out, the same seeds could have stored and reused many times.

Well, the tea had been lovely and we would not have shown offense or ingratitude, so 100g of nigella seed added itself to my growing pile of little bags at the till. I can always use them in a curry, I thought.

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Why Using Wool Products For Your Bedding Solution Makes Perfect Sense

Many people immediately think that their mattress is the problem or that the temperature of the room is just not right for them, often overlooking the fact that the reason they might not be sleeping could actually be due to their duvet or pillow, which both can have a massive impact on getting a sound night's sleep.

Wool products have emerged as one of the best bedding materials because they offer so many plus points when it comes to assisting the user in getting a good sleep, often transforming the lives of people who use them. Bedding made from wool provides a consistently good night's sleep at optimum temperature; minimal care maintenance and little or no perspiration, which means that your body is able to find the perfect temperature for sleeping, no matter whether it's in the depths of winter or the heights of summer.

The bedding provides lightness, warmth and comfort all year round meaning that you do not need to keep seasonal duvets, because wool duvets help to regulate the temperature, making you warmer when you're just too hot. Because the duvet and pillows breath, it means that they help to control your body temperature, something nothing else can really do to such amazing effect.

Wool products are also excellent for asthma and allergy sufferers and are particularly good for children who also suffer from this annoying condition. Add to this the fact the wool products are eco and animal friendly, biodegradable and recyclable and are most importantly safe and suitable for everyone, from a young baby right the way through to an elderly adult.

Wool products are made from the wool of sheep making this a durable material, not relying on other resources that are slowly running out in the world and also means that there are few other products used in the process, other than just the pure wool which these products are posting themselves on.

As we have mentioned earlier in this article, wool bedding means no more restless nights because the duvet will keep you at a perfect temperature which gives higher insulation and warmth and makes the wool made products the warmest and lightest natural wool duvets and pillows in the world .

It is important to realize that although wool products do tend to cost more than their alternative solutions, you pay the extra price for a reason, because there are few other products that can really aid you in the search for a good night's sleep, which many people who have tried these type of products can and will testify.

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Sleep Apnea Exercises: Excellent Adjunct Therapy You Cannot Afford To Ignore

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, chances are that you have been recommended urgent weight loss. These two are intricately related and without weight loss, no treatment for this distressful sleep disorder can be effective.

But does weight loss mean only losing that extra flab around the waist, thighs and abdomen? Not really, as this condition is also caused by accumulation of extra fat on the muscles directly involved with breathing like the jaw, throat, neck and tongue. So, how do you ensure that your weight loss initiatives are also effective at the level of breathing muscles?

The only way you can lose weight around the breathing muscles is by doing exercises. These exercises offer excellent adjunct therapy alongside the mainline exercise programs that the apnea patient is going to undertake.

Sleep apnea exercises: why?

Accumulation of excess fat in the breathing muscles results in their becoming flaccid and weak. In turn they collapse during sleep causing blockage during breathing. Doing exercises are the only way one can strengthen and tone these important muscles.

The best part about these exercises is that they do not take much effort and time and can be done simultaneously with jogging, walking or any other outdoor or indoor exercise program that the patient might be doing to lose weight.

These exercises focus primarily on the muscles for which they are designed. For example, throat exercises would help in toning the vocal cord and other related muscles of the throat. However, these exercises alone can not reduce the symptoms of apnea; nor can they work like miracles in providing relief.

These exercises have to be done in conjunction with the mainline workout program and have to done diligently every day following all instructions for at least 3 months to see any visible improvement of condition.

Why focus on throat exercises?

The main aim of any kind of exercises is to tone and strengthen the otolaryngologic muscles (associated to throat, nose and mouth) as these muscles can actually block the air passage if they become weak.

One has to keep in mind while doing any kind of exercises, one should do it according to doctors' recommendations and focus only on the muscles which the doctor thinks should be strengthened, depending on the cause, severity and symptoms of this condition. For example, throat exercises work best when the lax muscles of the upper throat are weak and the apnea condition is between mild and moderate.

Singing is one of the most important exercises for sleep apnea. However this is no ordinary singing. One has to sing certain specific tunes and sounds ensuring that the impact is on the soft palate, palatopharyngeal arch, nasopharynx and tongue.

Since vocal cords are the strongest thyroid muscles, such specific sleep apnea exercises would likely impact the vocal cord which, if not properly injured, collapses during sleep. By doing such throat exercises, you can actually reduce apnea episodes and breath as normally as possible.

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Add Luxury To Your Sleep With Memory Foam Mattress

Even though there are several types of bed toppers available in the market, the one that is in huge demand worldwide is “memory foam mattress.” This bed pad is also known as “visco elastic polyurethane” toppers due to the fact that it is prepared from polyurethane and numerous other kinds of chemicals. The use of chemicals while creating the mattress foams increases the density in them.

If you are feeling restless and not getting enough sleep on your regular bed top, then it is high time to shift to a memory foam mattress that is not just comfortable, but also adjusts according to your body temperature and shape of your back. They are crafted using a special technology for pressure relief. Such technology makes the mattress distribute the total body weight of the person sleeping on it and therefore relieves the pressure exerted on any of the specific body area.

How visco elastic mattress helps in back ache?

This polyurethane made bed tops are said to be the best remedy for severe back ache problems caused by sleeping on regular toppers. The fact is that such mattresses were originally made for the NASA astronauts and therefore a lot of features were added to it to provide enough support and to reduce the excess pressure on the body while taking off and landing.

Its structure is so flexible which molds down in accordance with the body structure and as a result keeps the spine in its normal position. Beside this, it reduces the pressure points and eliminates uncomfortable tossing and turning on the bed and minimizes the back pain as a consequence.

Tips to follow while buying memory foam mattress

You can find good reviews about these mattresses and you should follow a few guidelines before purchasing them to your house. These tips and guidelines are:

– Before paying the cash for such bed topper, it is advised to try out several sleeping postures on it for a minimum duration of ten minutes.

– Never buy the one you have tried at the outlet. Rather, you should try few others as well and then pick one that provides you the best comfort.

– A good memory foam mattress comes with minimum 3 “thickness and density of 5 to 6 pounds.

– Choose one that offers at least 20 years of warranty period.

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Getting Good Sleep and Avoid Stress – The Key To Shed Pounds

If you're looking to shed pounds, there are two suggestions you might not be expecting to get when it comes to doing just that – avoid stress and ensure you're getting good sleep. This comes from a research team who found that weight loss can be affected by high stress as well as too little sleep even if you're eating the way you should.

While science does not understand everything about sleep today, the one thing that pretty much everyone agrees on is that getting enough sleep is vital to healthy functioning. Sleep is quickly being recognized as an important part not just of your energy level, but of your health and weight as well.

No one needs to tell you how being under stress throws those healthy intentions out the window. You do not have the time or inclining to eat the way you should, but there appears to be more to it than that. Stress also affects hormones and this can actually encourage weight gain.

This two-step experiment on weight loss involved 472 adults considered obese (BMI from 30-50) who were first taught about lifestyle changes for a six month period. The changes recommended including cutting calories, eating more fruits, veggies and whole grains and exercising for a minimum of three hours each week. The participants were also asked about sleep, insomnia, time on the computer, depression and stress levels.

At this point the subjects lost on average around 14 pounds, and those who lost 10 pounds or more went on to the next stage of the trial.

This called for subjects to keep up with their healthy eating and exercise programs. The team found that getting enough sleep, and reduced stress at the beginning of the trial was consistently predictive of being successful at weight loss. Just lowering stress levels was associated with increased weight loss during the initial stage of the study the team points out.

Just what kept participants going?

Keeping up on the exercise for one, and being aware of what you're eating by maintaining a food diary were key. Also important were declines in both stress and depression. A more holistic view of weight loss than we're used to, and it may be the solution so many are searching for.

Subjects who slept between 6 and 8 hours a night and also reported the lowest amounts of stress showed the best success in losing weight. We know that not getting enough rest for your body's needs is not a good thing for mood or thinking, but when it comes to weight loss, despite constant exhaustion robs you of the ability to make changes in behavior and eating that support your efforts.

Not convinced yet?

Another study discovered that people who fall into the normal weight category eat more when they get less sleep.

Sleep deprived subjects ate an average of nearly 300 added calories each day compared to those who got the amount of sleep they needed. What's more troubling, the majority of the extra calories came from saturated fats. We all know that's not good for your waistline, or your weight loss goals.

Keep this up over the long haul and you will certainly pack on the pounds. Not only that, you'll also increase your risk of heart disease and other troublesome conditions. Once you have them, you can not turn back the clock. Now's the time to do something, make those changes to your diet and shed pounds, up your activity level, ensure you're getting good sleep and avoid stress to keep yourself at a healthy weight and disease free.

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Sleeping Well

Recent studies show that almost 10% of adults suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome. This neurological condition is made up of irritating movements in the legs which keep people awake at night. It makes sleep difficult and relief is thought about by constant movement of the legs.

A recent study in Pittsburgh USA showed that Valerian (a herb that induces sleep) helped with restless leg syndrome as well as reduced the tiredness in people during the day as compared to other sleep inducing preparations. People in the study were given 800 milligrams of Valerian nightly for 8 weeks.

However this syndrome is not the only thing causing us to lose sleep these days. With the economy the way it is people are worried. Recent studies in Australia show that more people are having restless nights worrying about their finances. Worries about money seem to outweigh such issues as global warming or terrorism.

This is affecting how people work, makes them slovenly with what they eat and how they look after themselves. When you are under stress you are less likely to exercise or even have a good sex life. Often people became withdrawn from family, go out less and even socialize less at work. So sleep becomes an important factor in your health.

It is also important to recognize that what you do during the day and how you function will affect your sleep pattern and in turn your sleeplessness will affect your day forming a vicious cycle if you let it. The study said that 27% of the people surveyed had disturbed sleep because of issues in the past month, being worried about job security and the economy. Numbers have decreed rapidly as to how many people are actually getting a good 8 hours sleep a night.

It is also important to recognize that as you age your sleep patterns change and you may actually just need to sleep less instead of struggling and tossing for hours. The study found that 89% reported general problems getting to sleep, 46% of people felt they did not sleep properly, 35% had less than 6 hours a night, 41% had driven a car while sleepy and a third admitted it caused issues in their life. So what are you doing about your lack of sleep?

There are many natural supplements like Valerian and Melatonin to help you sleep but my suggestion is that you get a good guided meditation tape and pop in the ear buds. Even if you do not meditate to it but use it to fall sleep it will get you into a natural rhythm even better than the herbals. You will notice I have not mentioned sleeping tablets. This is because you may become reliant on them and be unable to sleep without them. So as time goes on you need higher and higher doses. What happens when they stop working?

So if you are having problems sleeping consult a practitioner who can teach you to relax or a counselor / hypnotherapist to help you let go of those worries and get you on the path to a more restful, healthy life.

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Cure Snoring – Finally Put a Stop To All The Noise

If you want to cure snoring, there are several things you can do to reduce or eliminate even the loudest of snoring.

In conjunction with the strategies below, there are some great products on the market designed to help you cure snoring and start sleeping silently.

First, let's take a quick look at a couple of the most popular snoring products.

For starters, the Snorepin inserts just inside your nostrils and works to keep your nasal passes open as you sleep which needless to say helps to cure snoring.

Along the same lines, The Ultimate Nasal Dilator snoring remedy opens your nostrils and increases air-flow. It also inserts into your nostrils, only is designed a little differently in that a small wire loops around the outside of your nose.

The final low cost snoring product is Snore-Ex which is designed to cure snoring through a mouthpiece that can be molded to fit the contours of your mouth. It helps allow for free and constant air circulation, which prevents snoring.

In addition to the snoring products above, here are a few additional strategies you can use in conjunction to help you eliminate snoring:

Reduce Body Fat

Whether you're a man or a woman, dropping a few pounds will go a long way in helping you cure snoring. This being the case there are a few things you can do to start losing body fat today, so you can gain control of your snoring.

A combination of cardio interval training, resistance training, and eating 5 to 6 meals a day, is the best strategy for reducing body fat the fastest.

Quit Smoking

The next huge thing you can due to cure snoring is to quit smoking. European researchers say that smoking is a “major contributor” to the common problem of smoking. The theory is that smoking irritates the upper airways which extremely makes snoring more likely. Another belief is that smokers go though overnight nicotine withdrawal, and have more sleep instability which can cause the airways to become obstructed, thus causing snoring.

Do not Sleep On Your Back

To cure snoring you should always do you best to sleep on your side. It may be a little easier said than done, but it will certainly help you prevent snoring. The reason is that when you're sleeping on your back, the base of your tongue collapses into the back of your mouth restricting your airway causing vibrations, ie snoring. If you're having trouble sleeping on your side, there are a few products on the market designed to help keep you on your side and off your back.

Avoid Drinking & Sedatives

A few drinks after work, or taking a sedative before bed is reliably harmless, but they will not help you when it comes to helping you cure snoring. The reason snoring occurs after drinking alcohol and taking sedatives is that it relaxes the muscles in the back of your throat, which as in the case above, allows your airway to become slightly restricted which leads to snoring. Drinking a few hours before bed definitely increases the chances that you'll snore that night.

Following these strategies and considering the snoring products above will definitely help you stop snoring and sleep more quietly.

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Ensure a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is an essential component for our bodies and everyone agreements that being able to get a high quality sleep session helps keep you happy and healthy. It is also very important that when we sleep it's refreshing as well as relaxing. This is not going to be possible if you are dealing with any type of stiffness or soreness. For this reason it is important to choose the right pillows for neck Pain.

The material that this type of sleeping accessory is made of is a very important factor to consider before you buy one. In general, you will want this to be a much firmer type of material rather than something that is soft and that gives under the weight of your body.

Ideally you should look for pillows for neck pain that are made out of latex. This material is known for being supportive and firm while also providing a comfortable resting spot for your head. Typically these are made with the latex inside of a washable cover. This allows you to remove the cover and wash it and keep it fresh.

Latex can be derived from either natural sources or from synthetic sources. Some people have found that they are allergic to this material. In these cases, having a pillow cover that is made of a hypoallergenic material can enable you to still enjoy the benefits of this type of sleep accessory.

By purchasing contoured pillows for neck pain, your neck as well as your shoulders will be supported and aligned in the correct manner. This means that your sleep will be much more restful and it will be pain free. Many of these sleep accessories do not provide the needed support so that your neck is properly aligned with your back. If you do not use the right type of accessory, your neck pain could very easily become back pain as well.

By using pillows for neck pain, you can ensure that your sleep is restful. This will help to keep you healthy and looking younger. You will feel better when you wake up after using this type of sleep accessory. They come in a variety of different styles and shapes to fit your preference as well as your budget. Do your mind and your body a favor and get one of these great additions for your bed the next time you are out shopping.

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Stop Snoring – 5 Tips To Quit Snoring

Do you wish that you could stop snoring? There are many people that suffer with the problem of snoring or sleep with someone that does. Many times sleeping with someone that snores is more annoying and disturbing than being the person that snores, except of course you snore so badly that you wake yourself up.

If you are one of the many people that wish they could stop snoring these 5 tips are going to greatly help you and allow you to experience better sleep. Your partner and yourself are going to be extremely happy when you find a remedy to this annoying, frustrating and disturbing problem.

Number 1 – Change Sleep Position

If you want to stop snoring you should be thinking about changing your sleep position. Many people that sleep on their backs have a hard time breathing properly so this will cause you to experience snoring. Just this simple change could bring about at least some success on your mission to stop snoring. Try sleeping on your side, using a small or bigger pillow etc.

Number 2 – Lose Weight

Yes, even skinny people can snore but it is a proven fact that people who are heavier are going to have more problems keeping their snoring under control. Dropping just a few pounds can really help people that are moderately over weight. If you are obese you may find that you need to lose quite a few lbs to have an impact on your snoring. You can begin to lose weight by learning how to eat healthy and doing some light to moderate exercise.

Number 3 – No Alcohol

Do you find yourself taking in a lot of alcohol? If you do then you need to either stop drinking or at least slow it down a little bit. Alcohol, drugs and medicines relax the muscles and can make snoring worse. Stay away from these things as much as possible so that you can experience better sleep.

Number 4 – Drink Water

Drinking water is good for your whole body overall but it can also help you to stop snoring. If you do not drink enough water part of your soft pallet and nasal passes will become sticky and this can cause the snoring sound. The amount of water each person needs is different but if you want to start out you should try drinking 8 glasses of water each day. If you want to get the right amount of water you can use a water calculator online.

Number 5 – Open Nasal Passages

If you have tried all of the above tips then you should make sure that your nasal passes are fully clear. If your nasal passage is blocked then you may find that you have a problem with snoring. There are a few different ways that you can open your nasal passes. There are those strips that you put on the outside of your nose that lift your nostrils, there are also neti pots and even salt water rises. These are all helpful to stop snoring.

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Does Stress Affect Your Life?

Are we aware of how stress affects our lives and our sleeping habits? I do not believe that we are as aware as we should be. We are used to daily life that has a headache, occasional pain and sleeping problems. Humans adapt easily to a way of life whether it is good or bad but it is always the path of little resistance. Therefore, we may eat more, or take up other habits like smoking and drinking. There are variations to this as people do different, compensatory things that give them relief of sorts.

As this becomes a daily routine, we accept these symptoms as just part of our lives. You may or may not notice your sexual life deteriorating, the tiredness and lack of concentration are just more hurdles to be over come. It could be that depression and the feelings of lack of self-esteem become part of your psyche. The amazing human body will get through each day enabling an individual to live as well as he or she is able. However, the daily physical annoyance of all these complaints makes you become a tense. How often have you sat down and you notice your neck feels tight? It will be stretched muscles.

Stress affects all the muscles in a body right down to the habit of gritting your teeth. Have you taken the time to notice how your body feels, is it tense or tight? The upsurge in the massage business is a good indicator of the fact that many people suffer like wise. The inability to sleep or insomnia is part of the side effects of all these tensioned muscles from head to toe. It is because we learn to live with stress that so many people ignore it. Ignoring it leads to the myriad of health problems that are part of today's society. The obesity, alcoholism, child abuse and chronic insomnia lead to unhappy and unproductive lives.

The ever-increasing number of massage businesses a testament to this. Massage works by releasing the stress on affected muscles; the movements cause the muscles to relax. Friends and relatives will have been telling you to relax and stop jumping down their throats! How to relax is a very personal choice achieving it simply by counting sheep for some people, but for others it will require a good look at themselves and their lifestyles. Talking to counselors and friends the first choice for some people, but the individual has to take control of their life and make positive changes.

Taking time to exercise every day is a good de-stressor and a mental lift for many sufferers. Daily exercising Promotes the positive mental attitude required by the body in order to alleviate the stress of the day, while providing the ability to sleep better. We are all aware of the effects of a good nights sleep. Combined with exercise and good nights sleep is enough to get person through their day with much less stress. This rule allows one to lose weight as well, so of course it starts a circle of wellness that maintained only only improve your life.

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Find Out Some Of The Ways To Sleep Better

Are you having some difficulties staying asleep at night? Perhaps your problem is that you can not even get to sleep to begin with. Well, you are not alone. There are millions of people worldwide who are suffering from such a problem and that is why you should learn about the ways to sleep better so you can get the rest that you definitely need.

Sleep is our body's technique of healing itself. After a hard day's work, there is nothing else that we would rather do than hit the sack and rest up. That is because sleep is the best rest that we can get and it is not just the body that it helps to reinvigorate but the mind as well. Just try not to sleep for a couple of days and you will see that your thinking abilities are muddled, that you can no longer function well because both our mind and body are just too tired to go on.

And so I have listed here some of the best ways to sleep better which will certainly help you to get that seemingly elusive good night's rest.

Set a regular schedule for your sleep. Sometimes it is all about making it a regular part of your life, and that means you follow the schedule every single night. If you set 9:00 pm to be the time that you go to bed then follow it to the letter. Avoid any distractions and do your best to always be in bed by that time. This works because of the fact that people are creatures of habit. That is why we often find it very hard to deviate from the things that we are used to.

Make your bedroom the most comfortable place in the world for you. Because you certainly can not rest up if the place where you sleep is far from being cozy. Is the temperature just right? It is common sense that cold rooms can help induce sleep. Do you have the softest bed and pillows? It might be the other way around, that you prefer a bit stiffer bed. When buying for a bed just take your time on deciding what mattress you prefer. After all you will be sleeping on that bed every single night.

Have you ever considered hypnotherapy? Hypnosis can be a potent tool to help your mind relax and to clear it of thoughts that are keeping you busy or worried, the same thoughts that are preventing you from falling asleep. Hypnotherapy is a counseling treatment to help you overcome both mental and emotional difficulties.

Drink a warm glass of milk. This may considered an old wives' tale but many people would swear at its effectiveness. Milk has a relaxing effect which in turn can help prepare your body into sleeping.

These are just some of the best ways to sleep better that you should absolutely give a try. Of course if your problem persists for many weeks, you should go see a psychiatrist or any doctor that specializes in sleep problems.

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Sleep Apnea and Snoring Problems

Sleeping disorders are fairly common for a lot of people. Some people develop these types of issues naturally while others will get them because of bad sleeping hygiene or other bad sleeping practices. Sleeping disorders have many different symptoms that can come out. The most common one is being tired and suffering from sleep deprivation along with not being able to sleep at night.

The most common disorder that you are likely to come across is sleep apnea. One of the largest side effects of sleep apnea is excessive snoring. If you have a partner, or friend that has very hard breathing at night or has very bad excessive snoring there is a good chance they might have sleep apnea.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

It is a disorder that forms when an individual has problems breathing at night. There are a few different types of sleep apnea but the most common one is when your breathing airways are not open enough to let air go through clearly. As a result snoring and struggling to breath occurs and you might even stop breathing for extended periods of time. Some patients report having stopped breathing for over 30 seconds.

As you can imagine your sleep sufferers since you body will not be able to enter deep sleep which restores your mental awareness and helps repair your muscles.

How To Treat Sleep Apnea?

It can be treated by simply using a sleep mask at night. This mask is designed to help you breathe more clearly and help control your snoring, if you are having a snoring problem as well. Most doctors will also recommend that you change your diet before bed as well as some foods can cause people to not sleep at night.

Positions are also a cause of breathing problems. If you sleep on ether your side or your back trying switching it up to see if it results in a better sleep. Do not lay on your stomach as it puts unnecessary pressure on your back and neck.

Getting a good nights rest is important, you should seek medical attention right away if you think that you have any type of sleeping disorders. Sleep deprivation can cause depression and change the way you are as a person if you do not get it treated.

Most sleep clinics will be able to set you up for a sleep study to help determine what might be causing you problems getting to bed.

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