We all tend to get into our routine each night …. we hop into bed, we get our pillow adjust and wind up into our favorite position, getting ready for another nights sleep. Sometimes, this does not always go as planned, we toss and turn and wind up taking longer than we'd like to get to sleep. There are a number of reasons for not getting a good nights sleep and one of them might possibly have to do with your sleeping position. Just because you've always slept a certain way does not mean it's the best for you in terms of posture, pressure points and general comfort.

Here are 3 reasons to consider when choosing a position to sleep in:

1) Back pain – If you suffer from a bad back or have been in an accident in the past, you might suffer from pain in your upper or lower back. If you tend to favor a sleeping position where you're on your stomach or back, this might force unnecessary pressure on your back, causing discomfort. Try sleeping with extra pillows under you for added support if you feel sleeping in this position is necessary, it may reduce some of your discomfort.

2) Hip discomfort – Sleeping on your side in a general fetal position is probably one of the more popular sleeping positions. After all, this is how we all started out in the womb, so it inherently feels natural for many of us. The problem with sleeping on your side is that it can cause discomfort in your hips, given that your top leg probably lies to slide forward, which may put your hips and lower back in an awkward position. To counteract this, consider sleeping with an extra pillow or a body pillow between your legs for added support for your top leg, keeping your hips from extending too much and becoming uncomfortable.

3) Proper breathing – Depending on how you sleep, your favorite position may cause you to snore. This can cause a number of problems, such as improper breathing which may cause you to wake keeping you from getting the sleep you need. Also, if you sleep with a significant other, it can be noisy, keeping them awake, which is no fun. Consider focusing on sleeping in a different position to see if this helps. You may have a tendency to sleep on your back, which may be causing the snoring. Also think about trying the nasal strips you see at the drug store, they may help to keep your nasal passage clear, helping to control your overall breathing.