“Yawn … soooo tired …”. You spend the energy to post to Facebook on Wednesday morning …

Are you getting the rest you need?

I did not say want! In my past career and studies, rest is invariably discussed at least once a week. Seems simple, go to bed, sleep, wake-up and move on … Doctors can make anything complicated … let me give you the high points …

Approximately 90% of the world requires 7-10 hours of uninterrupted quality rest. There are a few who require less, but physiologically can not do with less than 4 hours (has to do with sleep cycles and stages). Docs say that if you can wake up when you are provided to without an alarm, you are getting enough sleep. Although probably very true, these people probably do not have kids or animals or much of a life for that matter … (just sayin “they be crazy” to think I can go to bed at 8:30 every night !!)

So what to do? Here is what they suggest. Get what sleep you can. So much like a romantic evening, you have to “set the mood”. A bedroom should be cool, dark and quiet (good luck with that New York !!). Keep flashing lights like on your phone off (I turn mine over so it minimizes the light), close the curtains closed to keep out alien search lights (what ??? !!) OK, street lights at bay, use a light fan or A / C.5 / 52 / Have a quiet room. If you have a TV in there, turn it off. Silence your cellphone from to keep the insomniac friend's Facebook habits to a morning review. If you need a little bit of noise, use a sound machine or soft music. Yep, see? Set the mood !!

Also make sure you are eating properly and drinking enough water (yes, a gallon is now the recommended amount … I personally think it is a joke by docs to cause us to run hourly to the bathroom !!). Get some exercise. Get 10-30 minutes of sunlight a day (has to do with melatonin and vitamin D relationship). Set evening routines to cue your body it is time to sleep. Limit caffeine (I know … horrible idea).

Instead of going to bed at the same time and getting up later, do the opposite. Go to bed earlier by a half hour every night until you can get up without an alarm (so the doc's say). I have experienced with this and found my “sleep number” is 7 hours and 45 minutes. But not life happens you make lemonade, then freeze it so you can throw it back at the doctors !!!

We will discuss naps later (Keep them 30 minutes or less or 2-3 hours in length). Naps are good in moderation !!

Without going too much into it (this diatribe is quite long enough), your body needs rest. Not just sleep.

Rest. One of the best things you can do for yourself daily.