Restless leg syndrome is one of the most frustrating syndromes to be diagnosed in the last decade or so. It is not a harmful disease, but the effect that it can have on your life can be deep and lying. With the hustle and bustle of life in today's society, a good night's rest is harder than ever to get so any chance you can have to take advantage of it. RLS keeps many people from getting this much needed good night's sleep.

Because RLS is a fickle disease, many doctors will not consider it much of a priority. They may prescribe you some sleeping medication, but they probably will not take it very seriously. There are a few things you can do on your own at home to prevent bouts of restless leg syndrome and help yourself to a well deserved rest.

Heavy exercise right before sleeping is never recommended because it can wake you up, however a very gentle exercise of your legs can be very helpful. Something such as pacing back and forth across the house or a few jumping jacks are ideal. This will get the blood flowing in your legs and can wear out the muscles a little bit. This will help relax your legs when you lie down to go to sleep.

You can also try heating. Warming your leg also helps with blood flow by opening up the blood vessels wider. This will, again, help to relax your legs helping you to fall sleep. You can simply use a heating pad to do this. Just wrap it around your leg and set it to a comfortable setting. When doing this though, be very careful not to turn the heating pad up to high and of course be careful for any fire hazards.

Finally, many suggest trying herbal teas and tonic water. This simply soothes your entire body allowing you to better relax when you are ready to sleep.