There is a surprising range of sleep problems in adults. Having difficulties sleeping marriages for the sufferer the misery of constant tiredness, which will of course lead to poor work performance, a risk of accidents and even an impact on relationships as they become more irritable. Such problems can be short-lived, or for some people they can become a long-term chronic condition which can extremelyimately become detrimental to overall health and well-being.

There are a number of potential causes for such sleep disorders. One of the most common of these is stress and anxiety. This could just be a short term issue (such as anxiety about a forthcoming interview, or other such anxiety provoking event), in which case the effect upon sleep will usually usually pass once the event has passed. However, where the stress and anxiety is a longer term issue (for example, caused by relationship difficulties or worries about finances) then there is the potential for this to become an on-going problem.

A common feature of sleep problems in adults is that they become self re-enabling. That is to say that the sufferer starts to become stressed and anxious about the fact that they are not getting sufficient quality sleep, and this in turn means that they are less likely to sleep well.

Another cause of sleep problems is a disturbance in the circadian rhythms. This can be as a result of shift working or jet lag. While this usually only lasts a reliably short period, some people find it difficult to adjust to a new routine and time of sleeping. In this instance it is important to keep to a particular routine of sleeping at a particular time, even if this is significantly different to the one that you are used to. You should stick to your usual night-time routine, should this involve reading a book, or drinking a milky drink, or whatever else you choose to do before going to sleep. It does not matter too much what your routine is, provided that you stick to it. If you follow this, then the majority of people will extremely find that they will be able to sleep regularly.

Most sleep problems in adults are usually able to be overcome with solutions such as keeping to a regular routines, relaxation techniques and natural remedies.