Sleeping in a separate bedrooms is not the only remedy for snoring. Truly, it creates a major relationship problems once a snorer disturbs his or her partner's sleeping pattern at night. Not only it does not promote a good night's sleep but sleep disturbance at night as a result of roommate's snoring activity can also create daytime fatigue, irritability and worst, it increases your health problems.

Not all snoring is the same, everyone snores for different reasons. To better find the right solution to individual snoring activity, you must identify the reason behind why you snore. Evaluating how and when you snore will help you pinpoint wherever the cause of your snoring is within your control or not. The good news is that no matter how and when you snore, there are solutions to making your snoring better.

Airflow disturbance through nose and mouth during sleep creates snoring sounds. There are multiple reasons behind distorted airflow, and the main cause is that of the narrowing of your airway, either from poor sleep posture or abnormalities of the soft tissues in your throat. A narrow airway gets in the way of smooth breathing and creates the sound of snoring.

There are so many bizarre anti-snoring devices available on the market, with more being added all the time, that finding the right solution for your snoring can seem like a daunting task. An exclusive product that is granted by the “Orthopedic Research Institute Seal of Approval” Snoring Aid Comfort Bed Wedge System will provide relief to most who suffer from any snoring and / or obstructive sleep apnea. It's main action is to keep the sentence structure from collapsing onto the throat airway by inclining of the patient's upper body to approximately 45 degrees. Moreover, the patented adjustable inclining Comfort + (C +) product has this extra-wide design of 39 inches which allows the patient to turn comfortably onto either side.

Comfort + (C +) product is designed for patients who need aggressive upper body inclination due to snoring, acid reflux, GERD, gastroesphageal reflux, heartburn, indigestion, hiatus hernia, back & neck pains, sinus or other general problems while in the flat bed position . Benefits of this product includes:

1. Natural snoring relief through upper body inclination
2. More restful sleep on one's back or one's side
3. More comfortable sleep by controlling the firmness of the independent wedge mattress chamber
4. Deflates and stores into a small travel bag (16x16x20) for easy transport
5. Allows you to enjoy great outdoor activities while getting unobstructed sleep.