I wrote that as I yawned. There are many well-known reasons why we are tired, why we get tired and how to get over being tired. It is hard to work when your mind is weary, your body is sore and it is cold in the office. But there are some pretty good reasons why we are as tired as we are and good ways to pick up the energy level.

Why We Are Tired
We are working longer hours, commuting longer to and from work, getting less sleep, eating not as healthy as before, omitting exercise when we get home and are too tired to do it, shift work, caffeine overhead, daylight savings time changes, and my personal favorite, sitting all day.

Medically, anemia is a source of tiredness, So is heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, excess carbs, depression, hypothyroidism, hidden urinary tract infections, dehydration, and food allergies.

One way to avoid getting tired is to get a little exercise. A quick walk will perk you up wherever you take it at lunch time or after work. Listen to your favorite music on the commute. Put the window down a bit and let the fresh air – no matter how cold or warm – blow against you. Sing to the music.

Other Things to Do to Be Less Tired

  • Lessen the amount of sugar put in foods and drinks.
  • Try to exercise more.
  • Have a breakfast which is higher in protein than cereal, a donut or Danish.
  • Have a lunch with some protein in it.
  • Eat more vegetables.
  • Lessen stress at home and at work.
  • Do not watch TV all night long
  • Stop worrying
  • Slow down and so less.
  • Get a good night's rest.
  • Understand that perfectionism only leads to tiredness, crankiness and testiness.
  • Say no to some social activities and to children asking to be taken everywhere.
  • Declare one day a week as your day of rest with no driving.

Eat Well and Hold on to Energy Longer

  • Eat a healthy balance of foods in the four main groups: starches, fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy.
  • Eat three meals a day or a six smaller ones. Avoid high fat foods in between meals.
  • Always eat breakfast, even if you eat it in a vehicle on the way to work.
  • Iron-rich food is not only good for you but sustains energy.
  • Sugar is a stamina stealer.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Fit some activity in during the day. A walk at lunch time helps.