Snoring is a common condition that occurs in about 45% of adults. But, about 25% of adults are habitual snorers. This means they always snore during sleep. Habitual snorers can rob their partners of their sleep. They can also be an object of ridicule. Here, to put a stop to this embarrassing condition, snorers can use a mandibular advancement device.

How does snoring occur?

Snoring occurs when the person is at sleep. This is because the whole facial and oral muscles relax during sleep. The jaw slacks open and the tongue retracts, partly closing the throat or airway. With the airways partially blocked, air going in and out will cause the throat to vibrate and make that snoring sound.

Is it a cause of alarm?

Habitual snoring can be a cause of alarm. It could be a sign of an underlying condition or lead to a certain health problem. What snorers should be wary of is when their tongue completely blocks their airway. Snores can have periods where they do not actually get enough oxygen for 10 to 15 seconds. This episode is called sleep apnea. As this happens, the body reacts by waking the person up. This is why some people who snores experience waking up sweating or gasing for air.

What is a mandibular enhancement device?

A manidubilar advancement device is a splint made of small plastic. It is primarily designed to support the jaw, also known as the mandible. This device looks more of a plastic mouth guard than an anti-snoring strap. It is used by simply biting on the mouth piece. It brings the lower jaw forward, which contracts the oral and throat muscles and soft tissues.

What are the considerations when using this device?

Before using any anti-snoring device, it is a must to seek the advice of a doctor. They would be the one to assess the severity of the condition and tell if a snorer requires a device with or without custom fit. A dentist would be the one to take in charge of the custom fit, especially if a snorer has dental bracket, teeth alignment problems and other factors. But, there are also ready-made device for snorers without any special considerations.

How much will it cost?

A mandibular enhancement device that is readily available will cost about 8 t0 40 dollars. This depends on the manufacturer, as well as on the design, features and materials used. It would be best to buy from medical supplies store. Meanwhile, a custom-made device will cost a person a bit more since it takes skills and precision to achieve just the right fit. But, as long as it stops the snores, the money given for the device is all worth it.