Choosing the right mattress can greatly improve your sleep patterns. Picking the one that best suits you personally can help eliminate problems you may experience with sleep and help improve your rest. A few factors should be considered when beginning the purchasing process. Think about the support, comfort, type, and size that are right for you.


Finding the proper support for your body is a major factor to consider when making your purchase. Your spine should be straight, and your hips and shoulders have a tension to sink lower than the rest of your body when lying down. Choosing one that is too firm will push those areas up, and your spine will not be aligned. One that is too soft does not support those areas, and your body sinks as if you were in a hammock. Keeping your body aligned and spain straight will allow you to get into deaf sleep stages, and you will wake up feeling better rested.


Sleeping on the wrong mattresses through your life can cause pain, restless nights, and greatly hinder your sleep. Mattresses range from plush to firm. Some are offered with pillow-tops and cushions for extra softness. Firm ones have extra padding on the sides or top but are still firm enough to offer support for your sleep. Choosing firm or soft is a personal preference, but you want to be sure to have the proper support as well as comfort.


The most common types are innerspring and specialty foam. Innerprings are made up of springs or coils and last approximately six to eight years. Specialty foam ones are made up of latex or memory foam and last approximately ten to twelve. Manufacturers also make ones that use air chambers for support instead of coils. Waterbeds are still produced, and there are new advanced technological beds like the sleep number, which allows you to adjust the firmness and softness to your liking.


Selecting a mattress that is the right size for you can help improve your sleep. Think about the size of the one you currently own. Should you consider one that is smaller, bigger, or the same size? Taller, heavier people may need more sleep space for optimal rest. If you sleep with a partner, their sleeping habits need to be a factor you consider as well. The space in your home matters when making your decision too. Will there be enough area left open in your room? Can you fit it through the door and hallways? Fortunately, there are enough sizes to choose from ranging from twins to California kings.

Consider support, comfort, type, and size when selecting between mattresses to find the one that's right for you. Luckily, some manufacturers have a free return policy. This allows you to take the time to sleep on it before making a final decision on keeping it. Preparing yourself for the purchase will help you start the buying process with ease. Since you spend a third of your life in bed, make the most of it to get a better night's sleep.