When it comes to sleeping and feeling energized throughout the day, there are certain little tips and tricks that a vast majority of people have never heard of. One of them has to do with the diversity and personalization of pillows. Did you know that there are custom pillows for different types of sleepers? That is, there are pillows meant just for people who sleep in certain positions. Now, after reading that statement, you may be thinking that I am full of malarkey. However, this is a real topic of discussion.

The root cause for the need to special pillows has to do with the effects of sleeping in the wrong position. There are all kinds of articles on the health effects of sleeping in several positions. Some of these effects are neck and back pain. The root cause of this has to do with the alignment of the spine. Now, I do not want to get into a big health discussion, so I will keep this simple. To my knowledge, it is best to keep the alignment as straight as possible. So what happens is that a large, firm pillow can cause a sore neck the next morning for people that sleep on their stomachs. So therefore, stomach sleepers typically choose a softer pillow that helps to keep everything in good alignment. Some of these are made of mostly memory foam or down. It does not just end with stomach sleepers though. There are all kinds of custom pillows for side sleepers, people who sweat, and people who have conditions like acid reflux. Those for side sleepers are generally no different that the ones for stomach sleepers. The whole idea is basically the same. Those for acid reflux are really different and interesting. Wedge acid reflux pillows are shaped like a wedge and are intended to help elevate the torso. So there you have it folks, a set of basic information about the different types of pillows.