Sleepwalking is a bizarre occurrence that is estimated to happen to around 15% of the population in the course of their lives. Also known as somnambulism, the behavior disorder occurs during slow wave sleep and can cause people to do a range of activities while in a state of low consciousness. These are generally just simple and routine, like walking, turning lights on moving objects around. However, there have been some strange cases of being doing much weirder and complex actions. Here is a round-up of some of the most bizarre, which you might not believe people actually did while sleeping!

The Man Who Paints Masterpieces

Most of us wish that we could be more talented, one day unlocking a secret skill that we did not know we could do. For a man in North Wales, this became a reality when he started waking up to find he had drawn incredible paintings and pictures across his walls, all whilst sleep. Lee Hadwin states that while wake he has no interest or any ability to draw, yet as soon as he is asleep he is able to draw amazingly detailed sketches. Major galleries have now started stocking his work due to the bizarre way they are painted and his art ranges from sketches of Marilyn Monroe to more abstract images of horses.

The Girl Who Climbed a 13-story Crane

One night in 2005, police were called to a possible suicide attempt in the heart of London. A girl could have seen 130ft on the top of the counterweight of a crane used on a construction site, as passerby's shouted for her to get back to safety. When fire-fighters climbed to aid the young girl, they found that, amazingly, she was fast sleep despite being perched higher than any of would ever dare climb. Fortunately, two and a half hours later, emergency services managed to get her back down on the ground without any injury. When reunited with her parents, they said that she was a frequent sleep walker and wondered what she would climb up next.

The Woman Who Cheated on Her Diet

Everyone would love an excuse to eat a bit more food every day, especially with strict diets becoming more and more prevalent. One woman found an extremely novel way of getting round her diet. When Anna Ryan discovered she had put on weight and gone up a few dress sizes, despite not eating any more food, she bought medical help. When doctors found nothing abnormal about her physiology, they decided to conduct a sleep study. During this study, they discovered that she was in fact eating while fast sleep. This bizarre condition actually affects a large number of people, and can cause huge weight gain as sufferers literally gorge on as much food as possible without knowing.

The Man who Mowed the Lawn Naked

The dreams where you are stranded somewhere without your clothes on have become a bit of a cliché in popular culture, frequently depicted in movies and TV. Unluckily, this actually happened to Ian Armstrong. When his wife awoke to a loud noise coming from the garden and her husband missing, she rushed downstairs. Looking out the window, she found him completely naked and mowing the lawn. Thinking that it would be dangerous to wake him (which is actually untrue, while sleepwalker might be a bit confused when roused, there are no severe consequences to waking them up) his wife unplugged the lawnmower and let him get on with it. When he awoke in the morning, he had no recollection of what he did and refused to believe his wife once she told him.