Snoring has lead many couples lives to extremities. There are some cases where in the couples even have applied for the divorce. According to some of the surveys it has been shown that snoring has been a key reason for the maritime disputes. If either of the couple has a snoring problem then it is very difficult to cope with the situation.

Some institutions have directed the studies to understand the exact effects on the married life. The reports are very alarming. In many couples life the snoring has affected their sex life very badly. By considering all of these points you should not take the snoring very lightly. After a day long stress if any one of the partners starts snoring they decide to sleep separately.

If you want to lead a happy and satisfactory sex life you need to take the snoring solutions very seriously. When you dig for the info about the various solutions you will end up with lots of alternatives. As per some reports more than 30% of the couples do not make love during the night, main reason being the snoring problem.

What kind of snoring solutions to be applied?

There are many numbers of options available in the market. You can start using the product depending upon the severity of the snoring. Some of the popular products are:

• Throat sprays
• Mouth guards
• Nasal dilation strips
• Nasal sprays
• Nose clips etc.

Apart from the above listed equipments you can use the anti snore ring for the better results. The ring works on the principle of acupressure. This is basically a sterling silver ring that is to be worn on your either left or right hand little finger. The construction of this ring consistors of two protrusions on the inner side of the ring. These protrusions apply pressure on the heart meridian present in the little finger.

Some more popular anti snore products are the special pillows; anti snoring device etc. the basic purpose of these products is to make changes in your sleeping pattern. According to experts your head should elevate by few inches while you are sleeping. This eases the air flow while breathing and avoids the snoring.

Experts even feel that deposition of fat in your nasal routes and in your body can also contribute to snoring. In order to speed up the snoring stop process you can practice the following steps:

• Regular exercises to reduce your excess weight. Excess weight means excess fat which is the main contributor towards increasing the snoring problems.
• Changing the eating habits. Avoid using too many deep fried items in your meal. Reduce smoking and excess alcohol consumption before you go to bed.

It has been observed that people who smoke or drink alcohol before sleep are already to severe snoring.

Please adopt any of the anti snoring methods or products as a catalyst of snoring stop before the problem becomes severe. Change your lifestyle before the snoring problem changes your life.