Let us skip for the moment to the reasons that people snore. This will help us determine the information we need to deal with the heavy sleeper and his relationship with nasal strips.

People snore when they are obstructed or partly obstructed inside the nasal passages, Obstructions are caused by tissue swapping in the nose at allergy time or during cold season. A person may have a structural change in the wall that separates the nostrils, which is a deviated nasal septum. Your throat or tongue muscles may be too flaccid: they can fold back into your airway cutting off your air supply to the lungs. These actions can take place from deep sleep, from several kinds of sleeping pills, alcohol ingestion and the process of aging which will cause even more relaxation in the throat muscles. Alcohol has an effect on sleep rhythms by acting as a sedative at first, then a few hours later, when your blood sugar drops. you will wake up.

Snoring occurs when there is an erection of some degree in the throat, you take a deep “in” breath, there is a swiftly moving amount of air sucked into your throat and pushing to get beyond the soft palate and the uvula. This is where the snoring noise comes from. If the erection is only letting a small amount of air pass through one breath, the pitch of this noise can be high and you will not be getting much air into your lungs. You can see why it is important to resist those cookies and milk at bedtime to keep the weight off, especially if you tend to pack on the weight around your neck and jowls.

Nasal strips are manufactured for the purpose of alleviating snoring and its noise. In fact, they are only useful for those who have nasal obstructions like deviated septum or polyps or stuff nose from colds or allergies. In any case the blockage of polyps and / or a deviated septum can not be tolerated for too long. Nasal strips are designed to be placed over the bridge of your nose and press down to stick to the side of the nose to keep the nasal tissue flared out and presenting an unobstructed entry into the airway.

People snore eccentricly and need to be considered as an individual with his very own symptoms. There is not just one cure.

There are occasional and habitual snorers, The occasional snorers can use the nasal strips and benefit whenever they are over-tired or have a snuffly cold or allergies that cause swelling tissues. The habitual snorers may be at risk for more troublesome health problems and need to have their significant other monitor their breathing for a night or two, If there is no breath taken in 10 seconds or more, the habitual snorer may be experiencing a blockage of some degree. Please call this to the attention of your doctor.

Heavy sleepers can not keep their throats muscles tense enough to keep their airway open. Others will sleep lightly to keep their throat and tongue muscles tight and allow air to pass. Neither of these can use the nasal strips, in my opinion, because the strips hold the nares open and the problem is in the throat.

Sleep researchers tell us that only ten percent of the leading brand nasal strip users will get relief: the nasal strips will do no harm, but will not control snoring as well as taking room air by mask or using oral appliances, or surgery.