A good mattress can be the difference between dragging your sorry corpse to the coffee each morning and opening those eyelids with a cartoon 'bing!'

Nothing wastes time like being tired. Your to-dos remains uncrossed before you as the day drags on and on. By evening, the absolute musts have been sorted, but at the cost of all the fun stuff you can only do when the work is complete. You need energy, and focus, to make room for the you-time. That requires sleep. And good sleep demands a good mattress.

To do what you want, you need zip: restful, energized, zip. More bounce means less procrastinating, stalling, and wasting time, and more hours spent doing what you want to do.

What would you do if you had more energy?

1. Learn a new language. It's doable. All it takes is a little time management and a few extra hours a week to learn your conjugations and focus on vocab. Where does that time come from? Doing all your other weekly tasks more efficiently, with the help of better rest.

2. Visit with friends. If you spend less time at work and more time with friends and family, would not that be great? It's possible if you have the energy to not procrastinate on the simple jobs, and waste time.

3. Take up a sport. The body is a mysterious thing. The more energy you expend the more energy you have. Running, lifting weights, or playing sports is a great way to keep your energy levels up through the week.

4. Start a new hobby. Whether it's cooking or making fishing rods, it takes time to master your craft. No need to wait until you're retired to get good at the things you enjoy. You just need more time to devote to them now.

5. Get better at your job. Everything can be made better and more efficient with a little elbow grease. It just takes some time and energy.

6. Get more rest. With free time, there's more time for you to relax and kick back. Restful, focused energy all morning means you might have time for a little siesta in the afternoon. Sleep is like money. It takes sleep to make sleep. And the best place to start is making your snooze sanctuary sound.

To have more time, you need to be more efficient at what you do. To be more focused, vibrant and effective – it takes energy, or more specifically, the rested, healthy energy that comes from a good night's sleep.

A good mattress can ensure that you do not waste any time laying in bed counting ceiling tiles or faded phosphorescent plastic stars. Talk to your local mattress professional about finding the bed that is right for your personal comfort preference level and book yourself some dancing lessons while you're at it. Life is short, so you are going to need vigor (and sleep!) To enjoy it all.